Sintra champion returns to the defend title.

Lucas Nogueira has been coming to the Sintra Portugal Pro since 2002 and is regarded as an unpredictable competitor with a typically Brazilian athletic and acrobatic style of riding. Finally last year he got what he was after when he defeated former world

Sintra adds Pro Junior.

The 19th edition of the Sintra Portugal Pro, (stop 5 on the APB World Tour) is heading to Praia Grande between 23rd and 28th September, and alongside the Men’s & Women’s title race will be the world premiere of a “Pro Junior” division. ”

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Antofagasta Complete.

31 AUGUST 2014 A new swell and improved surf conditions at Ola La Cupula greeted competitors on the final day of the 2014 APB Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival. Starting off the day’s schedule was round six of the men’s division where the first big story

Antofagasta Day 5 Complete.

30 AUGUST 2014 Day five of the 2014 APB Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival was an all-day marathon of men’s and women’s competition, running through 24 heats by the time the sun began to set on Ola La Cupula. Today’s schedule included men’s round four

Antofagasta Day 4 Complete.

29 AUGUST 2014 Small but contestable surf conditions continued on day four of the 2014 APB Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, with men’s competition returning to the water to resume round two. Getting the day started with heat three, Diego Roberto (Brazil)

Antofagasta Day 3 Complete.

28 AUGUST 2014 Day three of the 2014 APB Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival began with a return to women’s competition. Round two took to the water in smaller but still very much contestable conditions, and provided an interesting start to the day. In heat