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    1. Jeff Hubbard
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    2. Alex Uranga
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    3. Pierre Louis Costes
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    4. Amaury Lavernhe

Europe – Final Leg of Tour

APB Europe Leg In less than 4 weeks, the APB Tour will be venturing into Europe for the final leg

Sintra Portugal Pro 2016

Sintra is back for the 21st edition of the oldest uninterrupted event on the Bodyboarding World Tour, the Sintra Portugal

Specker Wins The Sniper SA Tand Invitational 2016

Sacha Specker was on fire from the starting buzzer at the Sniper SA Tand Invitational 2016, boosting big back flips

APB World Bodyboarding Tour secure 5 year broadcast deal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 11, 2016 Australia’s Epicentre.TV and the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) have signed a five-year agreement

Tanner McDaniel Wins Arica

Tanner McDaniel Wins Arica Chilean Challenge Pro Junior division. 1st – Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) 2nd – Hamed Cofre (Chile) 3rd

Isabela Sousa Wins Again!

Brazilian Isabela Sousa has won her first ever Arica Chilean Challenge today defeating Japanese Sari Ohhara at Flopo’s Arica, Chile.


IAIN CAMPBELL WINS ARICA! Iain Campbell (South Africa) has just taken out his first Grand Slam victory in 6-8 feet


The Sniper SA Tand Invitational 2016 is set to run this Sunday, the 10th of July, in predicted 4-6ft conditions.

Sandstorm delays ACC

The Arica Chilean Challenge has been delayed to a a thick sandstorm that swept through Arica this morning which englulfed