Welcome to the 2014 APB World Tour!

After many months of negotiations the APB riders board and committee decided to sever ties with the old IBA brand and start fresh with the launch of the Association of Professional Bodyboarding.

Whilst the name & logo has changed, the engine room remains very similar with several well-known key figures driving the sport forward.

Alex Leon – CEO

Alex Leon

Alex Leon

Alex is a passionate bodyboarder with many years experience as both event director and tour manager.

He has stepped up to his new role with a renewed enthusiasm & will be heading to some events to represent APB abroad.

His vision is plain and clear and shared by everyone.

“To get the sport back on track as soon as possible, that’s our first step” said Leon.

Alex can be contacted at alex@apbtour.com

Craig Hadden – Technical Director / International judge

Craig Hadden

Craig Hadden


During the last 20 years and spanning across GOB, IBA & now APB World Tours one person has remained in the same position. Craig is a meticulous record keeper and historian for the sport and will once again join the team as Technical director, International judge and ratings manager.

“Running legitimate & professional events has been and will continue to be my focus for 2014 and beyond” said Hadden.

“We have a network of qualified  judges and officials ready to roll out 2014 and we are all excited to get the ball rolling again” he added.

Craig can be contacted at craig@apbtour.com

Chico Garritano – APB International Head Judge

Chico Garritano

Chico Garritano

Chico has many years of experience in this roll and his passion and multilingual skills make his a natural selection for the position.
For almost 20 years, Chico has judged all levels of the sport including the ISA World games, Pan American Games and the Brazilian National tour.
“ I am looking forward to seeing where the level is for 2014” said Chico.
“Every year, the sport moves forward in the off season so we will be paying particular attention at Itacoatiara and setting the tempo for the year accordingly”

Chico can be contacted at chico@apbtour.com

Andrew Bleakley – Webmaster / Social media manager / Live scores

Andrew Bleakley and Alex Leon

Behind the scenes in Brazil

Andrew has been instrumental in launching and maintaining all aspects of the digital side of the sport and will be building the platforms for all of our fans around the world to follow.
“I can’t say too much just yet, but we are looking at some innovative and different ways of doing things with APB, stay tuned for more info soon” said Bleaks.

Teza Mckenna – Operations / Technical director

Terry McKenna

Terry McKenna

After a few years away from the sport, its very exciting to announce that former General Manager and Tour manager, Terry “Teza” Mckenna will be joining the APB Team in 2014.

Terry’s contribution to the sport during the last 10 years has been well documented and he brings with him a wealth of experience and his infectious enthusiasm.

“Forget what’s happened and focus on what’s about to happen” laughed Teza.

“Really looking forward to working with all the promoters and doing a few key events, its and exciting time” he added.

The APB committee with features some of the worlds best riders will help to steer the sport in the right direction and will work closely with the operations team to ensure a bright future.

Mike Stewart, Diogo Marques, Jeff Hubbard, Ryan Hardy, GT, Jared Houston Karla Costa Taylor and several other key players front the APB committee and any complaints or suggestions should be directed to them as a group at committee@apbtour.com

2014 APB World Tour

The second semester of the 2014 Tour is shaping up as a busy one and will ensure that the 2014 World Champion has a legitimate title.

The first leg will be in July / August and will feature three events.

Itacoatiara July 25 – August 3    Men’s 5 Star

Arica August 15 – 24      Men’s 5 Star

Antofagasta  August 26 – 31    Men’s 3 Star & Women’s 4  Star

All three events are confirmed and entry forms will be available soon on the website.

The Sintra Portugal Pro will stand alone in September (22-28) and is undoubtedly the rock of the tour as one of the longest running and most professional events.

The second South American leg also has three events

Bodyboard Pro Festival
Encanto Pro Puerto Rico
Panama Pro Bodyboard Festival

Lumar Guittard and her team are once again busy preparing for another BPF on Isla De Margarita and have also included a new event in Panama.

The Encanto Pro will this year return to Middles for a Men’s 5 Star event and promoter Natasha Sagardia will be focusing on delivering a first rate festival.

The winner of the Men’s division will receive the single highest pay-cheque in the sports history, with a cool US$20,000 for first place!

“We are very excited about presenting this special event, and with a first place cheque of $20 000 that would be the highest pay out in bodyboarding history”, said Natasha.

Finally the tour will wind up back in the caldron of El Fronton as the Fronton King steps back onto the world stage in December.

“It’s a great foundation to re-launch the Tour from” said APB Operations manager Teza McKenna.

“The Star ranking allows a greater deal of flexibility for the promoters to run feasible events that fit their budgets” he added.

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