29 AUGUST 2014

Small but contestable surf conditions continued on day four of the 2014 APB Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, with men’s competition returning to the water to resume round two. Getting the day started with heat three, Diego Roberto (Brazil) looked impressing in winning the heat, and Airam Cabrera put together some solid scores on his way to claiming second place and advancing forward. Heat four saw some big scores being landed including a 9.50 ARS by Brazilian Sergio Luiz on his way to winning the heat, and an 8.25 air roll from second place finisher Yoshua Toledo (Chile).

In heat five, Hawaiian supergrom Tanner McDaniel assembled a combined heat score of 14.50 to take first place in the heat, while Chilean Marcelo Toro edged out his fellow countryman Christian Tapia for the second advancing position. Heat six turned into a two-way battle between David Barbosa (Brazil) and Kevin Torres (Chile), with the Brazilian “Wonder Kid” Barbosa taking the heat win and Torres advancing through in second place. Gaston Rojas (Chile), took the early lead in heat seven, scoring a 7.15 and a 7.25 on his first two waves and held the top spot for the duration thereof. Also advancing out of the heat was fellow Chilean Francisco Alvarado. Finishing off round two, Kenny Jonson (Chile) won heat eight, with Nicolas Chiara (Argentina) coming in second place to advance to round three.

The competition switched gears and shifted back to women’s action with round four repercharge heats. In what was a bit of a head-scratcher, current WWT #1-ranked Lilly Pollard (Australia) was absent from the start of her heat. Apparently, Lilly made a miscalculation in the schedule, causing her to miss nearly the first half of heat one. After scrambling to get out in the water, though, she settled in and got down to putting together the necessary scores to win the heat. Japan’s Ayaka Suzuki finished second in the heat to advance to round five of women’s competition as well.

In heat two, Giselle Caselli (Chile) came from behind to score the heat win, with Jessica Becker securing second place to continue on. Heat six saw 16 year old Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands) dominate the heat with a pair of 7.25 scores for the win, and Joselane Amorim holding on to the second position to advance. Wrapping up the repercharge round, Brazilian Maira Viana won heat four, with Paloma Freyggang (Chile), also, moving on with a second place finish.
The day’s schedule transitioned back to the men’s division for round three non-elimination heats. Jocob Romero (Hawaii) unloaded scores of 8.50 and 9.50 with big flips on the rights to advance straight to round five. In heat two, 2008 World Champion Uri Valadão put together a combined heat score of 15.50 to secure the win. Heat three started out very quiet, with no waves being ridden in the first four minutes. By heat’s end, though, Eder Luciano (Brazil) would make the most noise, finding two solid scores for the heat win. Sergio Luiz would make it three heat wins in a row for the Brazilians by winning heat four.
In heat five, 2011 World Champion and defending Antofogasta Bodyboarding Festival Men’s Champion Pierre Louis Costes (France) put down a pair of eights like aces up his sleeve, for a backflip and an ARS, to play the winning hand. Brazilian Helliton Loureiro won heat six with a 7.50 on his last wave, while South African Iain Campbell controlled the tempo of heat seven to nail down the heat win. In the final heat of the day, 9x World Champion Mike Stewart moved out in front early on and never relinquished the lead, continuing his string of strong performances on the South American leg of the 2014 APB world tour.
Day five of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival is on call tomorrow with a 6:30am check-in for a potential 7am start Antofagasta local time. Stay tuned to APB Tour, Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, and Clubb Budeo on Facebook as well as www.apbtour.com for all of the latest news, updates, highlights, and live webcast coverage.

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