5th International Film Festival Bodyboarding
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For the 5th consecutive year, Sintra receives the  Intenational Film Festival Bodyboarding, leading to enthusiasts and practitioners of the sport to the world of audio visual.
It is to expose the best films produced in Bodyboard 2014 season, launches the international market, the news of short films from various countries and celebrate in a festive mood inside the largest music festival in the region.
Portugal has received the Film Festival during the race on the World Tour, taking advantage of the meeting of the sport’s biggest names that come to Sintra in search of precious points of traditional stop.
This tradition that is reflected on a film festival that is becoming more progressive, since the portuguese also participate in it, exhibiting his works in short film format and interacting with other works and producers from countries such as Brazil, Spain, Australia , Chile and many others who are keen to prepare fresh material to participate in the Bodyboard Film Festival.

For this edition of 2014, we bring the expected release of the brothers Hubbard (Hawaii, USA), The Movie Hubboards. The film shows the two World Champions traveling around the world and putting to the test the quality of the products developed by the duo Jeff and Dave, in the world’s most spectacular waves, including the list of countries the European cradle, Portugal.

Direct from Australia, the film Passing Trough brings art, poetry and magic of the universe waves. With an impeccable photograph signed by James Kates and Phil Gallagher, the viewer is invited to the travel the four continents to flavor a soundtrack made ​​especially for the film, all leading to a unique experience and why not say, magic.

Show Short Movies

Portugal, Brazil, Canary Islands, the Basque Country, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Tahiti and the Philippines are some of the protagonists of short sessions, which involved representing their nations exposing the culture of athletes, their daily lives and telling their expriências and works a maximum of 5 minutes each.
Within the Sintra Fest, the general public will be able to “relax” from a live show with the best bands of different musical styles, watching on the big screen at the 5th International Film Festival organized by Bodyboard Elmo Ramos production together with Joao Grego on days 26 and 27 in Praia das Maçâs, Sintra, Portugal.

Great Giveaway brand products of our cultural supporters, stay tuned, folks who will be attending the World Sintra Pro in 2014!

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