Lucas Nogueira has been coming to the Sintra Portugal Pro since 2002 and is regarded as an unpredictable competitor with a typically Brazilian athletic and acrobatic style of riding.

Finally last year he got what he was after when he defeated former world champion Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes, in a nail biting final that saw Lucas turn the result of the heat with a 9.4 on the buzzer.

” It was one of the most important moments of my career,” confesses Lucas, for whom the Sintra Portugal Pro holds a special place in the World Tour :

” It’s the most established event and has the longest tradition on the Tour. It’s also a very beautiful place and they speak our language,” he added.

Lucas is a product of the Brazilian school of bodyboard and idolizes Guilherme Tamega so its not surprising that he lists GT (42) as an idol, but is also impressed by the two former French world champions and a South African.

” Guillermo is the idol of all the ‘ brazuca ‘ for all his given to the Brazilian bodyboarding community . He surfs with style, much like the Amaury [ Lavernhe ] Pierre [ Louis Costes ] and Jared Houston . ”

Lucas also dreams of being a world champion one day.

“I’m always training and have invested a lot in it ,” he says

“But like most professional bodyboarders I need the financial support to be able to do the tour without worrying about the bills.”

The 2014 Sintra Portugal Pro will be staged in Praia Grande, between 23rd & 28th of September and entry forms are out now and being accepted by emailing

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