Monday 22nd September 2014

It’s now official that all of the 2014 APB World Champions will be crowned in Sintra.

With a 4-Star rating the Sintra Portugal Pro will have enough points to decide the championship race for Men, Women and DK.

In the Men’s division there are 6 definite possibilities that can play out for the world title.

The rider with the longest shot is Alex Uranga (ESK). The Basque country rider is a fighter and will be in a similar position to Ben Player (who isn’t attending Sintra) and will need the cards to fall perfectly to become a world champ. Effectively he needs everyone in front of him to fall in R7.

Jared Houston (Sth Africa) has long been regarded as a potential world champion but somehow this honour has eluded him so far in his stellar career. His performances in 2014 have been nothing short of spectacular and his eye-catching style of riding makes him a serious contender.

Jared will need to make the semi finals and eliminate the opposition on the way or hope they don’t better his position. A class act and a great role model, Jared would be a worthy champion.

The top three are all former world titleholders that know what it takes to win.

In number three is Amaury Laverhne (Reunion)

One of the fittest and most dedicated riders on the planet with a tenacious desire to win.

Amaury’s opening equation is straightforward, make the quarters and hope that both Uri & PLC are eliminated in R7. However several other scenarios can unfold along the way, making for spellbinding viewing on the webcast.

His cunning competition savvy and his fitness will be his strong points as we approach the home straight.

Sitting in number two spot leading into Sintra is the silent assassin Uri Valadao (Brz)

His dazzling performance at Antofagasta coupled with consistently good results sets him in the best position of all to take this years title away from PLC.

Plug into that equation the fact that Uri loves Sintra and has won the event many times, and he becomes short odds for the bookmakers.

He looks to be back in career best form after some niggling injuries, and simply needs to beat Pierre by one position after the quarters to win.

And finally that leaves one man standing, Pierre Louis Costes (France)

Since bursting onto the stage at age 14 PLC has delivered and cemented himself as one of the great riders of the new generation.

He has redefined the back flip into a functional move that has become his go-to weapon.

He ticks all the boxes and hence is the number one seed going into Sintra.

His charismatic marketability has made him a poster boy around the globe and he is also a winner on both this podium and the world stage.

Finish in front of Uri, and he will be our 2014 APB World Champion.

In the Women’s division it is Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands) Sari O’Hara  (Japan) and Brazilian Jessica Becker to decide the world title. O’Hara & Becker may meet early but one of them effectively needs to win the event to defeat Rinder. Australia’s Lilly Pollard was also an outside chance but elected not to attend Sintra.

Finally in the DK race Dave Hubbard and a stack of Hawaiians will fight it out along with Edgardo Gomez from Peru for the Drop Knee title.

Of course this is just a simple form guide for our APB punters and fans to follow but a myriad of other feasible outcomes are possible depending on how the contest plays out.

Check in for the event is today (Monday 22nd September) between 10am – 5pm local time at the event site.

Any enquiries regarding the event can be directed to or by seeing the event technical director Teza Mckenna at the event site.

Watch the event live at or go directly to the event website for all info, pics and highlights.

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