Tears and four world champions

Amaury is the 2014 APB Mens Champion

Amaury is the 2014 APB Mens Champion

The 19th edition of the Sintra Portugal ended in the best way possible with perfect waves, sun, and four world champions: Amaury Lavernhe (Open), Alexandra Rinder (Female), Dave Hubbard (Knee Drop) and Tristan Roberts (Junior Pro)

As for the winners of the event, Dave Hubbard and Isabela Sousa won the Sintra Portugal Pro in Open men and Women divisions, Amaury Lavernhe won the event in Drop Knee and Tristan Roberts won the inaugural Pro Junior world title.

Ironically, Dave Hubbard, who repeated his second world title here in Sintra, eventually finished the day by winning the event in the open category, beating Amaury Lavernhe in the final, while Amaury went on to win the category Dropknee.

“I have to give thanks the moment I’m going through in my life,” said the Frenchman who’s settled in the Canary islands.

“This is to be a special year for me. I was father, got married two weeks ago and now I’m a World Champion after last year, I’d almost given up competition. ”

“Sintra is a very special championship for me. 12 years ago I came here the first time and had no money to pay for accommodation, so I slept on the beach. And since then, I’ve won two world titles here. Certainly, Praia Grande has a special place in my heart, ” added a thrilled Amaury, who became the champion after seeing South African Jared Houston defeated at the hands of Joao Barciela (Port), andthe all Brazilian duel where Uri Valadao fell to Lucas Nogueira.

Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) 2014 DK World Champion

Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) 2014 DK World Champion

And this was a day of high emotions at Sintra with Dave Hubbard. (Hawaii) succumbing to tears when, at the podium, he dedicated his victory to his girlfriend and a friend who were tragically killed in a car accident four months ago.

But before giving in to tears he expressed joy and pride to win in Sintra: “I always wanted to win here,” added Dubb.

Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islannds) is the new APB World Womens Champion

Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islannds) is the new APB World Womens Champion

Alexandra Rinder has competed in Sintra since she was 12 years old and to see her on the podium at age 16 (the youngest world champion ever), hiding her tears behind sunglasses, touched a lot of people at the presentation.

The path to the title was a troubled one because Alexandra was eliminated in the fourth round of the competition and had to wait for the Japanese and Brazilian Sari Ohara & Jessica Becker eliminated. She suffered until the last minute of the final but was saved by another Brazilian, Isabela Sousa.

Isabela, who scored the only 10 of the competition defeated Jessica Becker and that handed the title to Alexandra who fell into the water to celebrate the win with Isabella.

Isabela confessed that “it was difficult to take the title from Brazil, but it would not feel right to go in the water and not do everything to win. The competition is my life, is sacred, and would never betray it. ”


Tristan Roberts won the pro-junior Sintra and, consequently, after adding up the results, won the under-18 world champion, defeating Portuguese rider Miguel Ado.

The South African 17 year old scored the tag as one of the greatest hopes of world bodyboarding, leaving the Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel (14 years) second in the “ranking”.

The farewells were made in Praia Grande and already there are negotiations between the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Association of Professional Bodyboarders and the Municipality of Sintra for a special event in 2015, the 20th edition of the Sintra Portugal Pro.

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