Sydney, Australia

34 year old Cronulla local Andrew Lester has taken out the 2014 Shark Island Challenge in 4-8 foot waves at the famed Sydney reef break. Andrew beat out some of the countries top riders to take out the event he first competed in as an invited grommet in 1997.

Organisers of the APB Tour specialty event delayed the start of the one day competition until 9am to take advantage of rising tides and a change in swell direction, and the competitors did not waste anytime with explosive riding and deep barrels.

Lester was the clear stand out all day using his extensive local knowledge to pick the best waves and display the skills that have taken him to several Australian National Bodyboard titles and a Pipeline title in 2001 despite having taken a 18 month break of competitive bodyboarding.


Lester 08



Lester 05

Full Results

PlaceNameRound 1Round 2Total
1Andrew Lester50.048.598.5
2Shaun Peterson44.839.183.9
3Shaun Pyne39.341.380.6
4Jason Finaly40.139.879.9
5Alex Leon34.344.678.9
6Lachlan Cramsie34.344.578.8
7Nick Ormerod41.135.876.9
8Michael Novy40.635.375.9
9Josh Kaihe41.030.871.8
10Winston McCall32.139.371.4
11Azza Glossop39.231.470.6
12Damian King28.641.670.2
13Dave Winchester32.337.169.4
14Brendan Newton27.741.268.9
15Christian “Rissole”40.627.367.9
16Sam Strachan34.132.166.2
17Ben Player35.030.865.8
18Luke O’Connor33.330.063.3
19Heydon “Plucka” Bunting36.826.363.1
20Mitch Rawlins34.528.262.7
21Dez Govender22.838.060.8
22Kane Baker29.825.555.3
23Keiran Woodall21.333.955.2
24John Showel21.233.855.0

The event was made possible with the generous support of Emerald Surf, Urobach and Sutherland Shire Council.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.35.32 am

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