After months of meticulous planning the first three events are confirmed for the APB South American leg with Itacoatiara in Brazil launching the competition season before the tour rolls through Arica and into Antofagasta in Chile.

APB chief executive officer Alex Leon is ecstatic about the year ahead.

“It’s all coming together nicely,” said Leon.

“We have the worlds best riders locked in to surf some of the worlds best waves, and we have been working hard behind the scenes with our promoters to deliver quality events, its an exciting time for the sport,” he added.

“The riders are all training hard now for a big month of events in July and we feel confident that these three contests in South America will provide the perfect springboard for the year.”

In unfortunate news the East Coast Crusade scheduled for Australia in August / September has been fine-tuned to a specialty event.

Alex Leon explains.

“The support to run the event couldn’t be confirmed within the required three month period, so we will now refocus all efforts towards 2016,” clarified Leon.

“There are also new events in Maldives, South Africa and Tahiti on the drawing board for next year so the future looks bright for the riders who are committed to getting a top seeding this year.”

The first event in Itacoatiara will be a Men’s event & the ladies will start their 2015 campaign in Chile with both Arica & Antafagasta featuring world tour women’s events.

The event in Brazil will be opening the tour on July 2nd so APB fans watching the webcasts will need to book some extra data with a month of awesome action planned.

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About the APB

The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) organizes the annual tour of professional bodyboard competitions and broadcasts each event live at where you can experience the strength and journey of the sport — anywhere and anytime it’s on. The APB sanctions and operates the Championship Tour, which determines the sport’s undisputed world champions. The organization is headquartered in Cronulla (NSW), Australia. Regional promoters in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii and South America support the APB.

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    Awesome event
    Cheers to all involved
    Just a heads up that the Results are incorrect round 1-3 guys

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