THE ARICA CHILEAN CHALLENGE, CHILE 2015 – An APB Bodyboarding World Tour Contest.

Event No. 2 of the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.



THE ARICA CHILEAN CHALLENGE, CHILE 2015 – An APB Bodyboarding World Tour Contest.

Event No. 2 of the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.

22nd July 2015

After two consecutive days off, competition resumed on day six of the 2015 APB Arica Chilean Challenge with Men’s round five. Swell continued to roll through in the 6-8ft. range with bigger sets and strong currents ripping through Flopos. These conditions would challenge all of the competitors throughout the course of the day.

In the first heat of the morning, Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) struggled to find his rhythm out in the water, while mid-range scores would be enough for Brazilians Jose Otavio and Sergio Luis to finish 1st and 2nd, respectively. Moroccan competitor Brahim Iddouch came out on the offensive and charged some heavy sections to register solid scores in winning heat two. Meanwhile, Lucas Nogueira (Brazil) was able to outmaneuver Chilean Diego Sepulveda to advance out behind Iddouch.

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Heat three saw an 8.0 and a 7.6 pace South African Iain Campbell to the win, while Brazilian Helliton Loureira was able to hold off Australian Lewy Finnegan. The Aussie young gun only needed a minimal score to catch Loureiro, but ran out of time and came up just short in his effort to advance to round six. Heat four was one of the major highlights of the day. Jacob Romero (Hawaii) came out firing and nailed down a 9.25 early in the heat. Not to be outdone, 2-time defending World Champion and defending Arica Champion Amaury Lavernhe put up an 8.40 before scoring a 9.25 of his own which would put him in the lead for good. Amaury and Jacob proved to be too much to handle for Cristobal Sciaraffia (Chile), who had looked like a legitimate threat in earlier rounds but struggled to keep up with his fellow competitors today.

2008 World Champion Uri Valadão continued the big scores in heat. He scored an 8.0 early in the heat and then, later on, nailed down a 9.25 on a huge flip off of a solid righthander. His 9.25 would tie Jacob Romero and Amaury Lavernhe for highest scoring wave of the day, as well as paving the way to the heat win and earning Uri passage to round six. 9-time World Champion Mike Stewart would outscore Dudu Pedra (Brazil) to advance on as well. In the following heat,Jared Houston (South Africa) continued to look dangerous, returning to his air game for an 8.50 on an invert. This is the third time in two rounds that Jerry has score in the excellent range with the use of his aerial tactics, having already scored a perfect 10 and a 9.65 in round four. In the meantime, Brazilian supergrom David Barbosa battled back and forth with Alex Uranga (Basque). Uranga would get the better of the young Barbosa by heat’s end to advance out behind Houston.

Heat seven was a low scoring affair. 2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes took the heat win with nothing more than a mid-range score and a minimal backup score, while Brazilian contest veteran Roberto Bruno and Chilean young gun Sacha Damjanic struggled to put together scores. Bruno would edge out Damjanic to advance on to the next round. In the last heat of the day, Diego Cabrera boosted a big flip off of a lefthander for an 8.75 on his way to winning heat eight. Claiming the second spot, and rounding out the field of sixteen for round six, was Brazilian Israel Salas.

Mens Round 5 results and Round 6 Draw

Mens Round 5 results and Round 6 Draw

Overshadowing a large portion of the day’s competition was a major, citywide communications disruption, here in Arica, which downed all internet and radio signals. As a result, the live webcast transmission went down for a majority of the round five heats this morning. In a statement from the APB, Tour CEO Alex Leon said, “The technical issues that occurred this morning were out of APB’s control. The prominent communications tower lost all power, and communications to the city of Arica were shut down. Therefore, all communications from the contest site were blocked. The technical team’s response was initial and responsive action was underway immediately and power to the city’s communication towers were solved. We apologise sincerely to our viewers around the world for the live streaming connection issue.” 

Competition is set to resume tomorrow, with Men’s round six man-on-man heats scheduled to hit the water. Riders are on call for 8am local Chilean time and a potential start time of 8:30am.


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