THE ARICA CHILEAN CHALLENGE, CHILE 2015 – An APB Bodyboarding World Tour Contest.

Event No. 2 of the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.


THE ARICA CHILEAN CHALLENGE, CHILE 2015 – An APB Bodyboarding World Tour Contest.

Event No. 2 of the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.

23nd July 2015

Day seven of the 2015 APB Arica Chilean Challenge began with the man-on-man priority heats of round six. The swell dropped over night, and competitors began the morning with waves in the 4-6 ft. range. The first couple of heats in the water had to contend with some inconsistent conditions as Flopos worked off a case of morning sickness. Conditions cleaned up with the offshore winds, and provided plenty of barrels and ramps throughout the day.

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The round of 16 began with Jose Otavio defeating fellow Brazilian Lucas Nogueira in heat one, and Sergio Luis (Brazil) taking out Brahim Iddouch (Morocco) in heat two. In a highly anticipated heat three showdown, South African Iain Campbell eliminated Hawaiian Jacob Romero. Heat four saw 2-time defending World Champion and 2014 Arica winner Amaury Lavernhe take out Brazilian Helliton Loureiro on the strength of the day’s first perfect 10 in which Amaury busted out a gigantic backflip on a solid lefthander.

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In the back half of round six, Alex Uranga (Basque) took down 2008 World Champion Uri Valadão with high scores of 7.75 and 7.5 in a somewhat low scoring affair. Then, in a marquee match-up, South African Jared Houston faced off against 9-time World Champion Mike Stewart in heat six. Houston opened things up early with a flip to invert combo that scored a 9.50 from the judges. Stewart would answer back with a 9.0 barrel ride to invert, but Jared would back up his high score with a 7.75 double barrel to roll which helped secure his victory.

2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes battled against Brazilian Israel Salas in heat seven. Salas came out on the attack and held the scoring advantage over PLC for most of the heat, scoring a 7.25 on an invert to barrel and a 6.15 for a flip. That would not be enough, though, as Pierre methodically waited for waves and steadily built his score to take the lead late in the heat. In the closing minutes, Salas would be called for an interference against PLC when the two made contact paddling rail to rail for a wave, sealing the win for Costes. In the last heat of round six, Diego Cabrera (Canary Islands) scored an 8.0 and a 9.0 to put Roberto Bruno into a combination situation that he would not be able to overcome.

With wave conditions holding, the decision was made to roll into quarterfinals. The first quarter was a battle of Brazilians with Jose Otavio outlasting Sergio Luis. In quarterfinal two, Iain Campbell went up against Amaury Lavernhe. Moz continued to look unstoppable, scoring an 8.50 barrel to flip along with his second perfect 10 of the day for threading his way through a long barreling left. Campbell tried to keep pace in the heat, but Amaury proved to be too much.

Big scores continued in quarterfinal three as Alex Uranga went up against Jared Houston. Jared started off the heat with an 8.75 on a big take the early advantage, but Uranga answered back with a 9.40 for a barrel and two rolls. Jared went on to score another 8.75 with an invert to roll on a lefthander. This left Uranga on the hunt for an 8.11 that would never come his way. Wrapping up the quarterfinals, Diego Cabrera eliminated Pierre Louis Costes on the strength of a 9.10 pocket spin to barrel to flip.

Closing out the day’s competition was the Men’s semifinals. In semifinal one, Amaury Lavernhe continued his march to his second consecutive Arica final, dominating Jose Otavio with high scores of 8.0 for a big flip and a 9.0 for a massive flip to spin ride. Then, in the last heat of the day, semifinal two was a major back and forth battle between Jared Houston and Diego Cabrera. Jerry’s big scores came on a solid invert (7.75) and launching a humongous invert (9.15) off of a lefthander. Diego’s high scores were an 8.90 and an 8.0 flip. This left both Houston and Cabrera tied with combined heat scores of 16.90 with time running out in the heat. Both had opportunities to break the tie, but were unsuccessful in creating distance between one another. Jared, having the highest scoring wave of the heat, would win on the tiebreaker.

APB World Bodyboard Tour

APB World Bodyboard Tour

After exiting the water, following his tight semifinal win, Jared would go on to speak about advancing to the Arica Chilean Challenge final. “Today was a mental day of competing, easily one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. I’m so stoked to find myself in my first final over here and I’m hoping to keep my momentum going.” Meanwhile, defending Arica Champion Amaury Lavernhe expressed excitement about returning to the final and looking forward to competing against Jared.

Competition is set to resume tomorrow, with day one of the Women’s Pro division as well as the Men’s Pro consolation final and final scheduled to hit the water. Riders are on call for 8am local Chilean time for a potential start time of 8:30am.

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