The second day of the ABF opened with Nilda point once again serving up some monstrous waves in the 8-10 feet range.

Canary Island charger Airam Cabrera is a notorious big wave whiz and even he struggled against the power of the swell and only managed to catch one wave in the opening 25-minute heat at the main event site.

“It was victory at sea type stuff out there today,” said event Technical director Terry Mckenna.

“So a decision was made to relocate the Men’s first round, along with the Women & Pro juniors back to Budeo, so we could keep the event on track,” he added.

Today Budeo was cleaner & offering better scoring potential and the crew went to town on the punchy rights that rolled off the reef pass.

Standout performances came from the young guns Lewy Finnegan (Australia 16.17) & Miguel Ado (Portugal 14.67) who adapted to the change of venue and dropped big numbers.

After the Men’s round 2 was completed the top seeds in the women’s division hit the water for the first time with Sari Ohhara (Japan) Paloma Freyggan (Chile) Isabela Sousa (Brazil) & Ayaka Susuki (Japan) all winning their heats and skipping through to R4.

Current world champion Alexander Rinder (Canary Islands) was relegated to the repercharge round where she will fit to get back and compete against the top seeds.

The quarterfinals of the Pro Juniors rounded off the day and Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel had a welcome return to form when he flipped past his opponent in the dying moments to secure a spot in the semis.

Chilean rider Nelson Flores had a mad heat against Brazilian David Barboza, but a last second combo from Nelson wasn’t enough to clinch the heat and the locals went loco.

Brazilian duo Matheus Bastos & Socrates Santana will line up in the second semi.

It’s been a challenging start to the 2015 ABF, but a significant drop in wave height throughout the day all but guarantees that the event will return to the main event site of Nilda tomorrow.

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