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The second day of competition of the Sintra Portugal Pro was over 9 hours of waves with the second and third round of the Open, the second round of the women’s competition, the first round of Dropknee and second round of the Pro Junior all being contested.

Overall, there were some good results for the Portuguese, especially Daniel Fonseca, Joana Schenker, Catarina Sousa and Nuno “potato” Piglets.

Daniel Fonseca, summed up his performance after his heat.

“It was brutal the fact that we are two Portuguese to compete in the first, which shows that in Portugal we have good level. I want to do my best and show my worth to the staff of the World Tour, knowing that if he can put my best surfing in the water can go far. ”

Also progressing were Manuel Centeno, Hugo Pinheiro and Gonçalo Pinheiro, besides the Portuguese-German Nicolas Rosner.

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In international stakes, the story of the day goes to veteran Mike Stewart, 52, who dominated his heat in the third round and Pierre Louis Costes, the French former world champ who resides in Portugal, also jumped directly to the fifth round.

One last word for the elimination of António Cardoso and Miguel Adam, who have not passed the second round and get out of the race.

António Cardoso was a shock elimination but was excepting, reaffirming his commitment to the next stage of the World tour, in his hometown, Nazareth (29 September to 4 October)

“In these conditions I didn’t expect a good result. I don’t identify with the waves at Playa Grande, it is not my kind of wave and will be a result to discard. Now just think in the next event in Nazaré.”

In women’s division, veteran Catarina Sousa and current national champion Joana Schenker, won their heats with storng performances.

Marta Leitão and Teresa Almeida didn’t win but still proceed to the third round and keep and keep their alive aspirations in the Sintra Portugal Pro.

Joana Schenker won her heat with a total of 14.35 the highest score of the second round, with an ease that make her stand out.

“In the first few minutes of the heat I paddled around a bit lost and it took me almost 10 minutes to get the first wave. Fortunately, I managed a sweet wave of seven points and then things ended up composing.”

More emotional was the victory of Catarina Sousa.

In Dropknee Nuno “Potato” Leitão, won his heat against Brazilian Guido Birth and Venezuela Alexander Aguilar.

Finally, in the Pro-junior repechage heats David Seer won the first heat, seconded by Nazareth local Pedro Veigas.

Competition begins at 8am tomorrow with R4 of the Men opening up the day.

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