Nazaré, September 29, 2015

The Mayor of Nazaré put on an amazing show last night for the athletes and staff of the APB World Tour event in Portugal.

Mayor Walter Chicharro welcomed everyone and confirmed his commitment to the contest whilst he is in power.

He was also comical in speech about the first day of conditions.

“Well, I know that we have some of the biggest waves in the world here in Nazaré, but today I learned that we can also have some of the smallest,” he joked.

Next up Mike Stewart spoke from the heart about the love that bodyboarders have for the area and their gratitude for what the town has provided.

“We want you to know just how much this means to the bodyboarders, and how much we appreciate your hard work for us,” he added.

The fortress on the headland at Nazaré has become one of the most iconic landmarks in Portugal and exceeds over 100,000 visitors a year.

Its connection with the North Canyon and the gigantic waves that it produces are now legendary, not just within the surfing fraternity but worldwide.

Day 2 of the event will get underway at 7.30am and organizers are expecting a 12 hour day that will feature the worlds best riders fighting for world titles.

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Image: Pedro Constantino