Nazaré, September 26, 2015

The 5th leg of the APB World Bodyboarding tour gets underway in Nazaré today and will determine the 2015 World champion in the women’s division, whilst the Men & Pro juniors will be decided in Puerto Rico.

Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands) will have a tough battle against Japans Sari Ohhara & Brazilian Isabella Sousa.

The forecast for the event has been down scaled from last week but we will have a “Few good days” in the period to use according to event technical director Teza Mckenna.

“Its contestable right down to 2 feet this place, it’s a perfect venue for an APB event,” he added.

In the men’s division the race is wide open but a win here for either Amaury, Uri, Jerry or PLC would place them in a great position leading into the Encanto Pro in November.

Due to some late logistical issue surrounding the installation of the fiber optic cable to the beach, there will be no live webcast on day 1 in Nazaré, however a comprehensive highlight of the day will be available at days end.

The event off at North Beach with an 8.15am call and ALL riders are asked to attend.

Watch it live at

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