Sintra, September 26, 2015

Pierre Louis Costes was the winner of the Sintra Portugal Pro 2015 today, beating South African Iain Campbell in the final.

The Frenchman, who was world champion in 2011, added today his third final in four years.

“Since that defeat in late 2013 that never won any World stage, it seemed I had here any unresolved thing and finally came back here to win,” welcomed Pierre Louis Costes, being half surprised the triumph in Praia Grande:

“I almost have not been surfing here because this summer I traveled a lot and hardly trained here this year, but, apparently, it was better like this …”

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With these results, and the results of the premature eliminations of the Frenchman Amaury Lavernhe, Brazilian Uri Valadão and Australia’s Lewy Finnegan, Pierre Iain jump up the world ranking, with Iain second and Pierre third with two stages (Nazare and Puerto Rico) still remaining.

This result has spurred on Pierre for the rest of the circuit

“Without this result, I had no chance, but now I can not fail in the next steps to try to be world champ in Puerto Rico”

It was also a happy day for the national colours, with Catarina Sousa gaining third place in the women’s competition.

Cata lost to Japanese rider Sari Ohhara in the semi-finals but turned it around late n the consolation final against the world champion Alexandra Rinder.

“My goal was a podium finish for what I did. Did I know that Sari Ohhara was a very difficult opponent in the conditions we had today, so I’m very satisfied with my result.

Now it’s trying to be in Nazareth, for I have not yet guaranteed that can be present in the championship. But if you can, I will give it everything to try a good result.”

However, Brazilian Jessica Becker scored the best two waves in the final to defeat Sari Ohhara for women’s title.

The Dropknee final was one sided, Hawaiian Dave Hubbard confirmed expectations that came to sow from day one, winning the semi-finals against Peruvian Cesar Bauer and, in the end, downing Martin Mouradian, winning his seventh world title specialty.

Finally, in the Pro Junior, Brazilian David Barbosa won against compatriot Matheus Bastos.

Sintra Portugal Pro 2015 | Finals

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 15.50
2. Iain Campbell (ZAF), 12.60

1. Jessica Becker (BRA), 14.85
2. Sari Ohhara (JPN), 13.85

1. Dave Hubbard (HAW), 13.25
2. Martin Mouradian (GLP), 9.50

1. David Barbosa (BRA), 16.00
2. Matheus Bastos (BRA), 12.30

The next event on the APB Tour kicks off on Tuesday with the Nazare Pro (29 September to 4 October) at North Beach, a step that will decide the women’s world champion.

Watch Nazare live at

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