The morning of day two greeted the girls with lovely sunny offshore conditions at around 1 m. in the opening head of the day Mayumi Tone was eliminated easily by Yuka Nishimura. Scores were fairly even until the wave of the heat came through the Yuka performed a series of combination maneuvers to get a seven-point ride an unassailable lead for the first heat.


Heat two saw a lull in the conditions and Sari Ohhara take it out over Yasuko Mochizuki by 0 .05 in what was a real luck factor for Sari. Heat 3 saw a small improvement in the conditions and early event favorite Nao Nagai take an easy victory over Momo Aida, with a series of great barrels rolls.

Momo Aida even though losing, declared she was no longer an amateur and securing her professional status. “It will be great to see on a world tour”, said technical director Tom Wilson.


Shioro Okazawa moved into outright favoritism, by posting an 8.25 and 7 to score the highest total of the quarter-finals. She executed some pound manoeuvres in the small conditions to show off your talent and score the easy victory over Ayaka Suzuki. Overall it was an outstanding date of Japanese Bodyboarding.


The day was filled with members of the local government members from that Tahara City Council coming down to the beach to declare their support for the event for next year. It was great to see the councilors really enjoying the talent on offer.


Day three will see the girls kick off at 7:30 AM with the semifinals followed by the consolation final and event final later in the day.

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