Sintra, September 22, 2015

Alexandra Rinder, Neymara Carvalho and Isabela Sousa.

Three world champions wrestling for the 2015 title. Alexandra Rinder (Canary Isl) the youngest of the three, at 17, became the youngest champion ever, the last year, and this year comes to Sintra as the leader of the APB ranking with a good chance of retaining the title here in the Portuguese leg.

To do this she has to win the events and hope that her rivals fall in the early rounds.

Alexandra Rinder (CNY)

Alexandra Rinder (CNY)

Brazilians Neymara Carvalho and Isabela Sousa, are second and third in the “ranking” respectively.

Alexandra, defending champion, takes on the comfort of status and another year of experience to counter the nerves of last year:

“It’s different. Last year was difficult to control for me. This year, I’m calmer, safer. I know that things can go in my favour or not, but I have room for error. I’ll surf my best and see what happens. ”

Neymara Carvalho, the legend of Brazilian bodyboarding, six times world champion returns to the circuit at age 39, after a gap of a year where she tried to establish a political career. Fortunately for fans of bodyboard, Neymara was not elected to state representative.

Neymara Carvalho (BRZ)

Neymara Carvalho (BRZ)

“I’m back to what I do,” she admits with a shrug and a smile, adding about return.

“This year I come to compete and see what I can do. Fortunately, I am in the top places again but this year I’m focused on returning to compete. For the year, then it will be a 100% next year. ”

Isabela Sousa, 25, arrives in Sintra highly motivated to win a fourth world title to add to her resume.

“I’m in Sintra like any other event, to win. This year I’m even more committed because I am in the world title fight “.

The fact that Neymara Carvalho is in the race makes it even more interesting for talented Brazilian, who draws a curious parallel between herself and the other two candidates.

Isabella Sousa (BRZ)

Isabella Sousa (BRZ)

“I went to Neymara what Alexandra is for me. I was the girl who came to fight for the title as the Alexandra now appeared on the World scene. And that’s very cool for the sport. ”

The first day of competition was marked with difficult conditions at Praia Grande today.

The first open round and the first round of the Pro Junior was completed when the organization decided for a first short day betting on better conditions for tomorrow.

Competition begins at 8am tomorrow with R2 & R3 of the Men opening up the day.

Watch it live at

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