Sintra, September 24, 2015

Current world champion Amaury Lavernhe stumbled out of the 2015 Sintra Portugal Pro today.

The Frenchman fell to Israel Salas, Brazil and Anas Hadar, Morocco, finishing third in the heat and hence eliminated in round four of the Si5 Star event.

With this result, things get interesting in the title race, since both Uri Valadão (Brazil) as Jared Houston (South Africa), respectively second and third place in the “ranking” APB, are still in the contest and thus can gain an advantage in the race for the world title.

“I’m frustrated with the way I lost,” confessed Amaury.

“If I lose because my opponents surfed better than me its easier to face, but what happened was that I could not find the waves against Israel Salas and Anas Hadar, who are very dangerous in these conditions.”

Amaury took the loss like a champion and now looks forward to the next event.

“I just want Nazare to start tomorrow! I’m very excited to come back to compete in the open division and recover from this disposal here in Sintra. ”

However, also in the open competition, bad news for the Portuguese Hugo Pinheiro, who did not hold off Australian rider Lewy Finnegan and the Basque country local Alex Uranga, bowing out of the Sintra Portugal Pro 2015 with Gonçalo Pinheiro, Sagres.

Still in the race for Portugal in the open, Manuel Centeno, Ricardo Rosemary and of course Daniel Fonseca, who the day before had secured a place in round five by winning his third round heat.

In women’s competition, also some surprises, with Brazilian Neymara Carvalho falling in the fourth round, a heat won by Portuguese rider Marta Leitao with Isabela Sousa runner up.

Marta surfed very safe and smart and Neymara, after a good first wave, could not find a “backup” that would allow her to progress.

It was a good day for the Portuguese, after the success of Marta Leitão, Catarina Sousa and Teresa Almeida made it through to the fifth round, while the national champion Joana Schenker struggled at Praia Grande and was eliminated by Priscilla Medeiros, Brazil, and Alexandra Rinder.

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Dropknee heats finished the day & the highlight of the day goes to Dave Hubbard, Hawaii.

The man who won the Sintra Portugal Pro 2014, and who also happens to be the current world champion, did not disappoint and added the highest total of the day (15.00), and went directly to the round 5.

In turn, between the Portuguese Nuno “potato” Piglets and Diogo Pimenta will have to compete in the fourth round of repechage, while Gonçalo Faria was less fortunate and eventually fell in the second round.
Competition begins at 8am tomorrow with R% of the Men opening up the day.

Watch it live at

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