1: You pulled out of Nazare Pro due to injury, what happened? Can you explain in detail?

okey , but its necessary to look back 5 months when i had same injury in the same knee . In this time , i was surfing 6 feet waves in my home spot and landing a invert i fell how my knee make a rad move ! like a whiplash… the diagnostic was a broken meniscus and I was operated immediately.

Now the history repeat again but with a worst consequences and more unexpected way . i arrived to nazare September 27 afternoon … We got really fun surfing , with some nice moves and barrels before the swell getting down . i didn’t feel any strange thing in my knee and i was so happy to punch some great ramps after Sintra.

the next day the waves were small and i surfed just 30 minutes . i didn t make much during all day . I was stretching really calm watching soccer. I was sitting with the flexed knee and when i try to incorporated i feel how something stop the normal movement of the leg .

I can’t stend my leg so we went to Leirias Hospital and in the first check they already know the diagnostic . Broken meniscus and a little small piece of cartilage blocking the foot.

2: How long are you going to be out of the water for? And will you be competing in Encanto Pro?

No, unfortunately im not going to be competing in Encanto .They operated me two weeks a go and everything is in a good way . i will start with the rehabilitation soon. i lost a lot of muscle so i have to work a lot for a good recovery . It is an injury on another recent injury
so its gonna take me 2-3 months out of the water.

3: Your currently ranked 15th in the world now, you may or may not qualify into the top 28 for 2016. Will you continue to fight for the top spot next year?

i wish to Apb keep a place to a top rider . the reason to not finish the year it’s not another that injury. For sure , im really stoke to start the tour with all good riders in hawaii.

4: You will have 5 months to recover until Pipe next year, will you be fit and ready for it?

I Hope so ! right now its the best season for surfing in Europe and im losing some good waves around. Im try to keep my mind busy in other things that not waves .

But since i can start getting fitness i will start thinking in the beginning of the 2016 tour.

5: What was your best memory of this years tour?

The best memories of the 2015 tour are the preparations time before the competitions. Been focus and motivated for the next heat.Getting waves and surfing with Some friends .

That time when we were in arica competing 8-10 feet solid waves too was great .
Its that moment when you start thinking that bodyboarding tour its spectacular !


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  • ripper

    Good recovery Alex!
    Keep working hard and best of luck for 2016!

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