1: It’s your first real shot on the APB Tour and your currently sitting 5th place leading into the final event – you must be stoked?

What are your thoughts on the tour?

Yeh i’m pretty over-the-moon about how this year has gone for me on the APB tour! I definitely didn’t expect to get this high up the ranking. My main goal for the year was to make the top 16 and now that i’m pretty secure in the top 10 i’m just so amped to have that seeding for next year!

2: As an APB athlete how did it feel to take out a world tour event in chile this year as compared to pulling into a huge pit in WA?

Although they’re both the same sport, it’s almost impossible to compare the two. Winning a world tour event was literally a dream come true for me, so i’d say the feeling of that was probably sweeter, but pulling into huge pits at home with the boys is one of the best things in my life at the moment! Every time when i come in from a crazy session at The Right i feel as if i’ve been reborn, it’s a really weird feeling, maybe because of the few days of anxiety and anticipation before-hand, and then surviving all the madness that always ensues.

3: You seem like you have it all from charging in 15ft pits to dominating the world circuit, are you mentally on the best level right now?

Haha thanks, I always try to stay positive during the world tour comps, but that’s what i find the hardest, mentally. I see guys like Pierre, Jerry, Amaury and some others and just think to myself, “there is no way that i’m on their level”. Winning Antofogaasta was really good for me, it made me realise that i can actually beat the best of them, i just had to believe in myself.

4: What do you expect in 2016 with the APB tour?

I’m really hoping to get some good results at the events and hopefully stay in the top 8, but mainly, i just want to keep having an epic time with the other boys on tour and enjoy myself.

5:How does it feel to be leading the sport in Australia and impacting the world with what your doing?

I’m pretty suprised to be the only aussie on the tour this year, it’s pretty devastating. We used to be dominating the tour with guys like Hardy, Rawlins, Winny, Ben, Stoney, and more. But yeh, it feels really cool be waving the australian flag on the tour and to be getting noticed by a few people!

6: How does it feel to have Kelly Slater posting your video – Glewten Free

Yeh it’s pretty cool to think that he even watched it, it’s just something i could never actually picture. Kelly Slater sitting in front of his lap top secreen, watching 15 minutes of me, bodyboarding. I’m really amped that he liked it enough to share it though, he is definitely an inspiring athlete for me!

GLEWTEN FREE from Pride Bodyboards on Vimeo.

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