JOB receives Pipe Invite!

Jamie O’Brien has been selected by the top Bodyboarders of the world to compete in the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational.

JOB is regarded as the best surfer in the world at Pipe and one of the best tube riding surfers in the world but Jamie has a back history of Bodyboarding in his younger years and has competed in the Bodyboarding Pipe Event before…

APB caught up with Jamie today to ask him a few questions:-

Jamie O'Brien poses for a portrait prior to surfing The Wedge, in Newport Beach, CA, USA, on 1 September 2012. // Jimmy Wilson/Red Bull Illume // P-20120903-00005 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

APB: When did you first start riding a bodyboard?

JOB: I started bogging when i was a little kid ! i won all kinds of events and Nationals as a bodyboarder and never won that as a short board haha

APB: You have had plenty of experience riding a Bodyboard at Pipe do you see yourself with an advantage based on wave knowledge to beat other competitors in the event?

JOB: I feel if it the right size i can do really good in the event!  

APB: Do you look at the wave different when you riding a bodyboard as opposed to riding a surfboard – Take off position etc?  

JOB: Yeah i defiantly can’t take of where i do with a surf board haha kinda a trip ! i gotta sit wide

APB: Have you received any “Mike Stewart” tips?

JOB: I try and ask HUB and Mike its pretty funny! i am getting better though ! ask them what they think !

APB: What is your perspective on the sport of Bodyboarding?

JOB: I Enjoy watching the guys pushing the limits in Slabs.

APB: You last competed in the 2013 Bodyboard Pipe event, How did you go and what were the conditions like?

JOB: I lost my fin and the waves where small wish it was on fire!

Lets see how JOB goes in the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational next month against the worlds best bodyboarders! Mike and Jeff Hubb have been giving him tips so we will have to wait and see how the man goes..

noyle_JOB_tahiti3-640x426 obrienbodyboard JOB3 JOB2 JOB1

Images by Zak Noyle, Clark Little & JMD

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  • Dextervolt

    I love this guy! 😀 He’s the only surfer I deeply respect and get inspired by

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