Brazilian Magno Passos who now resides in Hawaii has paddled into what is being regarded as one of the biggest waves ever paddled into on a Bodyboard a few days ago at the infamous Peahi also known as Jaws in Maui Hawaii.

A large pacific swell battered the coastlines of the islands of Hawaii last week in the 10-20m range. Some of the craziest waves were ridden by many top surfers at Peahi but the standout of the day was Bodyboarder Magno Passos paddling into a 25ft monster and escaping death as his flippers were blown off but luckily enough Magno managed to make it to the channel unscathed.…/bodyboarder-brasileiro-pega…

Landing on the front page of newspapers in Brazil and on news channels – Magno Passos



Magno will make his return to the world tour next month at Pipeline after recieving an invitation to the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational APB Tour Event no:1 which kicks off on Feb 21…



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    riding with 1 fin, second photo?

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