Imagine if…..

The worlds top free surfers and the worlds top tour competitor’s competed head to head at what many have called the best bodyboarding wave in the world.

PIPELINE IS ON! February 21 through March 4 2016. Sixty eight of the worlds top competitors will be challenging the best invited free surfers. Invitations will be voted on by the worlds best, however we would like to give a chance to the keenest chargers with skill the worldover.

Riders that would make their local area proud if they were to represent. If you or someone you know has the skill and courage to put it all on the line we want you/them in. Please submit your detailed expression of interest with credentials to

We are targeting a January 8th date to decide all the potential invitees. Also If you are not one of the lucky few that make it in you still have a chance: Therewill be a trials held at Sandy Beach or Keaaus February 16th -19th for Open Pro, Women, DK and Pro Junior, all division finals to finish at Pipeline.

*The 2016 APB top 30 athletes will have top seeding in event.

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