The APB has awarded two injury wildcards for 2016 to ALAN MUNOZ and BEN PLAYER.

Alan Munoz – Chile – APB position (29)
Alan Munoz suffered a serious rib injury while free surfing on the eve the Arica chilean challenge and was forced to withdraw from the event and all events in Europe following. Alan was awarded the injury WC after reviewing his claim accompanied by medical evidence and doctors submissions. Alan is one of Chile’s most talented Bodyboarders and has had a very consistent ranking in the top 10 for the past 3 years.

Ben Player – Australia – APB Position (30)
During a free surfing trip to Ireland. Ben Player was on a routine photo shoot for a magazine when he suffered a ver sever life-threatening injury. Player ruptured his sternum and was air-lifted by helicopter to nearest hospital where he underwent intense surgery and monitoring to stable his condition. We are very thankful that both Player and Munoz have recovered 100% and we look forward to their return to the tour in 2016.

APB top 30 Athetes:

1    Jared Houston    Sth Africa
2    Pierre Louis Costes    France
3    Amaury Lavernhe    Reunion
4    Uri Valadao    Brazil
5    Iain Campbell    Sth Africa
6    Lewy Finnegan    Australia
7    Jacob Romero    Hawaii
8    Diego Cabrera    Canary Is
9    Jose Otavio    Brazil
10    Sergio Luis    Brazil
11    Helliton Loureiro    Brazil
12    Antonio Cardoso    Portugal
13    Eder Luciano    Brazil
14    Tanner McDaniel    Hawaii
15    Lucas Nogueira    Brazil
16    David Barbosa    Brazil
17    Sacha Damjanic    Chile
18    Alex Uranga    Basque
19    Roberto Bruno    Brazil
20    Israel Salas    Brazil
21    Kalani Lattanzi    Brazil
22    Brahim Iddouch    Morocco
23    Jeff Hubbard    Hawaii
24    Matias Diaz    Chile
25    Maxime Castillo    France
26    Dave Hubbard    Hawaii
27    Nicolas Chiara    Argentina
28    Miguel Adao    Portugal
29 INJ    Alan Munoz    Chile
30 INJ    Ben Player    Australia

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