Pro Jnr World Champ Socrates Santana caught up with 2014 World Surfing Champion Gabriel Medina today in Rio De Janeiro.

Medina congratulated Santana on his recent Junior World Title victory which happened in Puerto Rico last November at the APB Encanto Pro Cultura and also planned a surf together in the near future.


Socrates on TV!

Socrates Santana, better known as Doutorzinho, is the character’s Now or Never the Cauldronthis Saturday, 01.09. He is the current world Bodyboard Pro Junior Champion. The title was won in November 2015 in Puerto Rico. The 17 year old is a resident of Peacock Pavãozinho community in Rio de Janeiro. Without sponsorship, he could only participate in the competition thanks to the help of friends, who held several events in order to gather enough money to cover the expenses teenager.

Invited by Luciano Huck, Socrates won the Now or Never, winning the prize of R $ 30,000, and still gaining the support of Gabriel Medina and Guilherme Tamega champions. Matheus Bastos, who was in third place in Puerto Rico, is also resident of Rio community and, like his friend, needs financial support to ensure their future in the Bodyboard.


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