Lay Day at the Sparkgreen Tahiti Challenge

April 19, Teahupo’o Tahiti

The APB took a lay day today from the SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge due to a heavy rainstorm that has hit the island and caused some major flooding in the region.

The storm did deliver a few waves though and some of the top APB athletes took to the water around lunchtime and managed to get a few sneaky pits when the wind died down.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks very similar with strong offshore winds which may create cleaner waves therefore we may see the main event get the green light and commence at 7:00am Tahiti time.

Be sure to tune into the live broadcast with Manny Vargas and crew from 7:00am at

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  • Marco

    I’m soooo happy this is happening to the bodyboarding world , this is the right time to bring the sport to a higher level of competition hand in hand with technology so the fans can really see how technical and fit the athletes have to be in order to compete at this level, great job guys , keep it up there.

  • Debaser75

    It seems like a great warm up day. Also to get some good gnarly pits pics!

  • Marco

    Soooo happy to see how far the sport is going right now hand in hand with technology , so every fan can see how technical and fit the athletes have to be to compete in this kind of waves , good job APB , keep it up??

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