Storms Suspend SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge

Teahupoo, Thursday, April 28, 2016 . After five days of waiting, the third day of the Sparkgreen Tahiti Challenge was able to get underway again at Teahupo’o. The medium size swell of 2-3 meters arrived but the wind complicated the situation and forced event organisers to suspend the event before Quarter final #3.

The start of competition did not start very well for the Tahitians, with some of the riders missing waves and scoring low. The first round saw the elimination of Manea Fabisch against Australia’s Ben Player, with a total of 4.34 to 12.83. Nicolas Richard bowed out with a total of 2.60 to 11.17 against the world champion Jared Houston (Sth Africa). In the next heat, two Tahitians Teavanui Dinard defeated Maronui Richmond 15.33 to 7.00. Angelo Faraire (Tahiti) managed to narrowly beat  Argentina’s Nicolas Chiara with a total of 9.64 against 9.34. Fred Temorere also bowed out with a total of 8.90 to 16.17 against three times world champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii).

The Teahupo’o specialist Tahurai Henry (Tahiti) was eliminated by Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) with a total of 6.33 against 13.16 for the Hawaiian. In the next heat, the mentor of Tahurai, Cédric Estall managed to edge out Julian Miremont with a total of 13.56 against 11.50. Next heat saw the legend Mike Stewart gain victory over Ben Player in a tight battle.  Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) managed to continue his great form and beat 2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes (France) in what was considered the best heat of the event so far with both athletes going blow for blow with huge flips and deep tube rides in the 9 point range. Next heat Teavanui Dinard (Tahiti) was combo’ed against the 2015 world champion Jared Houston with a 2.60 against 14.33.

Angelo Faraire is the second qualified Tahitian for the quarterfinals with Cedric Estall after a wave score total of 13.50 against 13.43 wave score of Jose Otavio, the No. 1 ranked Brazilian. In the last heat of round 4 , The 2010 & 2014 World Champion Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island) was knocked out by the Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard who managed to complete an air reverse off the closeout section in the dying seconds of the heat.

Conditions started to deteriorate in the first Quarter Final due to the wind turning in the Cédric Estall vs Dave Hubbard heat but Cedric used his local knowledge to edge out Hubbard and become the first semi finalist of the competition. Quarter Final #2 saw Mike Stewart and Tanner McDaniel battle in tough conditions with Stewart winning on a very low score of 5.75 of Tanner’s 4.5 total. The competition was then suspended because of bad weather. 

The event will continue and look to wrap up tomorrow with only 3 hours of competition remaining.

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