April 20, Taravao, Tahiti

Today the APB was forced into another lay day due to bad weather still impacting the Island of Tahiti. With much rain and wind, event organisers had to call off the event for the second day in a row with hope that the new swell approaching tomorrow could potentially be good enough to start the Sparkgreeen Tahiti Challenge main event.

APB social projects are a big part of the makeup of the world tour and today the APB athletes visited the disability centre in Taravao to take part in a few social activities with the disabled kids of the centre. The group of kids welcomed the top riders with a few songs and special dancers that gave everyone a humbling feeling.

“The energy and excitement that these kids expressed when we arrived felt very special. You could honestly feel how intrigued they were in us. To come and spend some time with the less-fortunate kids is a great feeling.”  – Toby Player

The APB continues to leave a positive footprint in each region we visit with social project activities and community engagement. The APB has planned more social activities here in Tahiti and will bring you more details shortly.

The SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge will be on standby tomorrow (21st April) for a potential start in the morning. Be sure to stay up to date with all event information on the facebook and Instagram and watch the live broadcast at www.apbtour.com/live


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