Sparkgreen Tahiti Challenge Kids Day

Saturday April 23, Teahupo’o Tahiti

A Lay day in Tahiti was called today by event organiser’s due to the decrease in swell size.

Some of the top APB athletes and legends of the sport got together and ran a Bodyboarding clinic at the Teahupo’o beach break for the village children. Mike Stewart, Guiherme Tamega, Jeff & Dave Hubbard, Alex Leon, Jase Finlay, Sebastian Kreft, Garth McGregor, Roy Overstreet, Hitoti Henry & Jorge Colomer plus more were on hand to help coach and teach the kids about the ocean and Bodyboarding.

Stewart gave some basic tips on how to Bodyboard and ride waves and also explained how the ocean can change people’s lives and delivered a great message how the Bodyboard is the tool to a healthy and clean life. All the kids then joined the pro’s in the small beach break waves and from then on it was all a ball of fun for everyone!

“The APB social work is about spreading the good message about the sport and how the ocean can inspire self esteem in people. To see the smiles on these kids faces today was incredible and riding waves with them was a humbling experience.” Alex Leon – CEO APB TOUR

There will be another clinic tomorrow afternoon at the beach break at Teahupo’o and we encourage all the kids & adults from around the region to come and surf and have fun with the top Athletes of the sport.

Contest call will be make at 6:00am

Tune in to for broadcast and all event information and facebook/apbtour


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