The start of the Itacoatiara Pro 2016 kicked off in spectacular fashion for the world’s best athletes, with solid powerful 2m waves rolling into the famed beachbreak.

The action started from the first heat with defending champion Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island), with one of the best moves of the day (9.0) to take a commanding lead in his heat. “It was a great start. The first heat always makes me anxious and win in the first round is important because it eliminates the Round 2. I will try to relax a bit and focus, it is certain that we will compete tomorrow. I’m focused and happy to have caught good waves, but till the end we have a long way to go, “said Amaury.

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The first round is a non-elimination round and assured winners of the first round a direct place in Round 3. Amaury and Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) competed in good conditions with offshore winds, and with two good barrels directly advanced to the third round. “I was training in small waves and now I’m stoked to have done well in good waves. I hope everyone can get some sets and continue having fun, “he said.

Another stand out was Antonio Cardoso (Portugal). Taking advantage of the best conditions of the whole day, Antonio got the wave of the day. A tube followed by a radical air assured the Portuguese rider the only 10.0 of this Wednesday. “I decided to wait for the best wave. In the first ten minutes I started to worry as I had not had any waves, but it worked, because this amazing wave appeared. When I saw the barrel I did not think it would be so long, but managed to get out and still found a good ramp to send the air, “said Antonio, who scored 17.50 points in 20.0 possible.

Local riders from Itacoatiara, were a force on day one with, João Zik, Kalani Lattanzi and Jose Otavio won their first round.

In the ninth heat of the day, João Zik was the giant killer with a win over current world champion Jared Houston (South Africa), and had enough of a lead to have a wave of victory in the final minutes of his heat “I’m very happy that I am missing round two and go straight to Round 3 and have found the wave at the end. I want to go far in this event and represent well Itacoatiara, “said Zik. Kalani Lattanzi also had a great performance beating seasoned performer Alan Munoz (Chile) and the Portuguese rider Miguel Adao.

Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) had a nail biting finish to his heat with a 13.65 to 13.50 win over Manuel Centeno (Portugal) “I was really getting worried that I would be a wave short, and then one finally came through and I could really bust an air”.

Former World Champion Pierre Louis Costes (France) was clinical in his combination 16 point defeat of Brazilians Dudu Pedra and Adejaldo Silva.

The conditions were still so good contest organizers moved straight into Round 2. And surfed the first eight heats.

Brazilians dominated these heats André Luis, Hermano Castro and João Paulo taking easy victories and moving into Round 3. Nicolas Chiara (Argentinia) and Miguel Rodriguez (Peru) led the the international charge while Brazilian hero’s Eder Luciano and Uri Valadao put on a air show to have the highest scoring heats of Round 2 to win their way through to round 3.

Australian Lewy Finnegan (Mandurah) pulled off an amazing backflip in the last minute to hang on and win over Brazilian Guilherme Correa 13.00 to 12.80.

On Thursday, a new call will be made at 6:30 am and when competition resumes the eight remaining heats of Round 2 hits the water. This features the return of world champion Jared Houston (South Africa), the local idol Dudu Pedra (Brazil) and heats between Lucas Nogueira (Brazil) and Sergio Luis (Brazil), Jacob Romero (Hawaii) Santana Socrates (Brazil) and Iain Campbell (South Africa).

Remaining Round 2 Heats

H9: Jared Houston (AFS), Miguel Adão (POR)
H10: Alan Munoz (CHI), Lucas Faria (BRA),
H11: Maxime Castillo (FRA), Gabriel Braga (BRA)
H12: Iain Campbell (AFS), David Barbosa (BRA),
H13: Jacob Romero (HAV), Sócrates Santana (BRA)
H14: Lucas Nogueira (BRA), Sergio Luis (BRA),
H15: Manuel Centeno (POR) Adejaldo Silva (BRA)
H16: Dudu Pedra (BRA), Nelson Flores (CHI),

Round 2 Results

H1: Gugu Barcellos 2, 10.50 (BRA), André Luis 1, 11.00(BRA)
H2: Hermano Castro 1, 12.15 (BRA), Gonçalo Pinheiro 2, 12.00 (POR)
H3: Julien Miremont 2, 9.75 (FRA) Nicolas Chiara 1, 13.25 (ARG),
H4: Diego Berrios 2, 2.65 (CHI) Eder Luciano 1, 14.65 (BRA),
H5: Uri Valadão 1, 15.25 (BRA), Pedro Henrique 2, 8.90 (BRA)
H6: Roberto Bruno 2, 12.50 (BRA), João Paulo 1, 13.40 (BRA)
H7: Miguel Rodriguez 1, 13.50 (PER), Gabriel Popo 2, 12.15 (BRA)
H8: Guilherme Correa 2, 12.80 (BRA), Lewy Finnegan 1, 13.00 (AUS)

Round 1

H1: Amaury Lavehrne 1, 15.25 (REU), Gugu Barcellos 2, 8.50 (BRA), Gonçalo Pinheiro 3, 4.75 (POR)
H2: Dave Hubbard 1, 16.50 (HAV), Hermano Castro 2, 6.25 (BRA), André Luis 3, 4.50 (BRA)
H3: Alex Uranga 1, 14.30 (EUK), Eder Luciano 3, 11.90 (BRA), Julien Miremont 2, 12.05(FRA)
H4: Nicolas Chiara 3, 7.50 (ARG), Antonio Cardoso 1, 17.50 (POR), Diego Berrios 3, 9.50(CHI)
H5: Uri Valadão 2, 15.40(BRA), Matias Dias 1, 15.85 (CHI), João Paulo 3, 10.35 (BRA)
H6: José Otávio 1, 14.00 (BRA), Roberto Bruno 2, 11.65 (BRA), Pedro Henrique 3, 10.90 (BRA)
H7: Lewy Finnegan 3, 9.05 (AUS), Israel Salas 1, 14.75 (BRA), Miguel Rodriguez 2, 12.50 (PER)
H8: Jeff Hubbard 1, 16.90 (HAV), Guilherme Correa 2, 14.90 (BRA), Gabriel Popo 3, 12.00 (BRA)
H9: Jared Houston 2, 11.65 (AFS), Lucas Faria 3, 9.85 (BRA), João Zik 1, 12.10 (BRA)
H10: Alan Munoz 2, 12.90 (CHI), Miguel Adão 3, 12.00 (POR), Kalani Lattanzi 1, 14.00 (BRA)
H11: Maxime Castillo 2, 11,65 (FRA), David Barbosa 3, 9.75 (BRA), Ethan Nel 1, 12.25 (AFS)
H12: Diego Cabrera 1, 16.45 (I.CAN), Iain Campbell (2, 9.50 (AFS), Gabriel Braga 3, 7.00 (BRA)
H13: Jacob Romero 2, 16.15 (HAV), Sergio Luis 3, 15.50 (BRA), Tristan Roberts 1, 16.75 (AFS)
H14: Sacha Damjanic 1, 13.65 (CHI), Lucas Nogueira 2, 11.40 (BRA), Sócrates Santana 3, 3.65 (BRA)
H15: Tanner McDaniel 1, 13.65 (HAV), Nelson Flores 3, 11.40 (CHI), Manuel Centeno 2, 13.50 (POR)
H16: Pierre Louis Costes 1, 16.00 (FRA), Dudu Pedra 2, 9.35 (BRA), Adejaldo Silva 3, 5.65 (BRA)

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