Alex Uranga and Isabela Sousa wins the Itacoatiara Pro 2016

Itacoatiara, Niterói (RJ) – June 26, 2016 –  The Itacoatiara Pro finally has a home town champion Alex Uranga (Brazil) taking the mens title

The decision of the APB Officials to leave the final heats for the last day of the waiting period was more than perfect with waves of 1.5m to 2.0m with perfect banks and offshore conditions at Itacoatiara Beach. Huge score we awarded all day.

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The men’s final pitted the two pre-event favourites, Alex Uranga (EUK) and Pierre Louis Costes (France)  did not let anyone down. Alex began to build the win with a 7.65. Pierre hit back with a 6.8 and then found a note 8.75 to go to the lead mid final. Uranga proved too strong with a series of Back Flips and Aerial maneuvers soared back with the best wave of the final, 9.75 and the confirmed title. “Today was my day. I was very well throughout the championship and the waves were up to me. I am very happy with this victory. The Brazilian fans supported me from beginning to end, I feel at home, “said Alex.
In the Semi-Finials Tour Leader Jeff Hubbard just could not find that extra wave to defeat Uranga, despite having a 8.5 and 7.5. João Zik  13.15 (BRA) did all he could in the second semi-final but the sheer precision and stylish riding of Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) proved too good.
In the women’s final Three time world champion Isabela Sousa was absolutely clinical winning decision against Japanese body boarder Ayaka Suzuki. “I was already missing the victory. Last year I was runner-up in three events and had almost a year since I won the world. Start the year so it is very important to me. Itacoatiara is very special, I am always well received and this year was no different. Now my aim in Arica (Chile), which is also a step that never won, “ aid the new leader of the World Tour. In the third place, the Japanese Sari Ohara surpassed the Canary Island rider Alexandra Rinder.

H1 Alex Uranga 1, 17.40 (EUK) Pierre Louis Costes 1, 15.55 (FRA)
Consolation Final
H1 Jeff Hubbard 2, 15.00 (HAW) João Zik 2, 14.55 (BRA)

Semi Finals
H1: Alex Uranga 1, 16.90 (EUK) Jeff Hubbard 2, 16.00 (HAW)
H2: João Zik 2, 13.15 (BRA) Pierre Louis Costes 1, 15.35 (FRA)

Quarter Finals
H1: Amaury Lavehrne 2, 13.85 (REU), Alex Uranga 1, 14.75 (EUK)
H2: Matias Dias 2, 15.25 (CHI) Jeff Hubbard 1, 18.55 (HAW)
H3: João Zik 1, 12.10 (BRA)  Maxime Castillo 2, 11,65 (FRA)
H4: Tristan Roberts 1, 16.75 (AFS)  Pierre Louis Costes 1, 16.00 (FRA)

Final Wonens.
H1 Isabela Sousa 1, 11.75 (BRA)Ayaka Susuki 1, 10.75 (JAP)

Final Pro Junior.
H1 Diogo Gomes 1, 15.10 (BRA) Cristian Tapia 2, 14.65 (CHL)

Top Ten ratings

Jeff Hubbard            Hawaii    10,000
Alex Uranga            Basque    9280
Pierre Louis Costes    France    9000
Amaury Lavernhe        Reunion    6100
Dave Hubbard        Hawaii    5700
Maxime Castillo        France    5600
Tanner McDaniel        Hawaii    5480
Jared Huston            StAfrica    5420
Alex Munoz            Chile    5200
Joao Zik                Brazil    4800

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