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Itacoatiara, Niterói (RJ) – June 17th, 2016 – For the second consecutive day, Itacoatiara offered 2-4ft waves with good formation for the contest which saw  Rounds 2 and 3 of Men’s Trials and Women’s division’s go ahead. Today  defined the sixteen trialist’s that advanced to the Men’s main-event and will compete against the top APB seeded riders. In the women’s division, only twelve riders survived in the first three rounds who are still competing for the title.


The day began with sixteen heats of Men’s Round 2  followed on with eight heats in Round 3. Current world champion Pro-Junior, Socrates Santana (Brasil) won two rounds and moved to the main event.


“I am very glad. My focus is to keep the world title of Pro-Junior category, but also I want prove to myself that I can compete on equal terms with the top athletes of the tour, “celebrated Socrates.


In the same heat as the young gun from Rio De Janeiro, the local João Zik (Brasil) also confirmed his place advancing to the Top 48 main event. “I knew that I could compete a few days before the event and I am happy to represent Itacoatiara. I have good equipment and feeling good. I hope to continue doing a good in this championship, “says Zik.


Third place in the  Itacoatiara Pro in 2015, Kalani Lattanzi (Brasil)  is another rider from Itacoatiara that deserves attention. Next to his friend João Zik, Kalani survived the first three rounds and now also will compete against the best in the world. “The sea was a little hard in my heat, but I managed to find good waves. I hope it gets bigger”, said Kalani.


Besides the Brazilians, are riders advancing into the main event: João Paulo (BRA), Miguel Rodriguez (PER), Tristan Roberts (ZAF), Adejaldo Silva (BRA), Julien Miremont (FRA), Manuel Centeno (POR), Ethan Nel (ZAF), Goncalo Pinheiro (POR), Diego Berrios (CHI), Andre Luis (BRA), Gabriel Braga (BRA), Pedro Henrique Souza (BRA) and Gabriel Popo (BRA).


Main Event:


With the sixteen athletes who advanced from the trials, the competition moves to a new format this year. Sixteen heats with three competitors in a non-elimination Round one. The first placed of each heat goes directly to Round 3, while second and third places contest in the repechage Round 2.


Round 1 will see the former Itacoatiara Pro Champion Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard (3x world champion), and his brother Dave Hubbard (Hawaii). The current World Champion Jared Houston (ZAF), and also 2011 world champion Pierre Louis Costes (FRA). Among the Brazilians,  the former World Champion Uri Valadão (Bahia), Eder Luciano (Santa Catarina), Roberto Bruno (Ceará), Lucas Nogueira (Espírito Santo) and Israel Salas (Espírito Santo).

Woman’s event update to Round 4:

After the completion of the men’s trials, it was time the girls hit the water in the afternoon at Itacoatiara. The waves rose a little and the world’s best athletes made their debut at the event. Six Brazilian’s advancing in the event, including the former World Champion’s Isabela Sousa and Neymara Carvalho.

Three-time’s World Champion of the APB Tour, Isabela was able to advance directly to Round 4 after winning her first heat. “I was already missing the competition. It was a long time between the last stage of last year and this. I am glad to have salted the body in competition and advanced. I feel that this year many good things will come to me and I want to win as much as possible,”celebrated Isabela.

Five-times World Champion Neymara Carvalho had to go through the repechage to confirm her name in the fourth round.
And her secured spot in Round 4 came only in the last seconds of the heat. As Neymara and Isbaela, Tatiane Menezes (Bahia), Maira Viana (Espírito Santo), Maria Helena Tostes (Rio de Janeiro) and Patricia Setubal (Ceará) moved through to the next round.

Among the advanced Japanese Ayaka Suzuki and Sari Ohara, Portuguese Marta Leitão and Teresa Almeida, the Chilean Anais Velis and the current World Champion, Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands).

Men’s Trials – Round 2


H1: Socrates Santana (BRA)11,40, Guilherme Camara (BRA)10,75, Manuel Rocca (ARG) 8,40

H2: Andoni Yeregui (EUK)15,00, Miguel Rodriguez (PER)11,30, Christian Tapia (CHI) 9,75

H3: João Paulo (BRA)12,90, João Zik (BRA) 12,80, Frank Correa (BRA) 7,00

H4: Daniel Quintana (ESP) 14,25, Arturo Alejandro (CHI) 9,25, Jeff Desnoes (FRA) 8,85

H5: Adejaldo Silva (BRA)10,50, Manuel Centeno (POR) 9,40, Kemy Randy (CHI) 0,00

H6: Tristan Roberts (AFS)14,15, Erik Silvino (BRA)10,75, David Kristiansen (NRW)8,50

H7: Rafael Paes (BRA)10,75, Andre Bernardo (POR) 5,25, Leonardo Andres (CHI) 0,00

H8: Julien Miremont (FRA) 14,15, Kevin Torres (CHI) 13,00, Cleber Silva (BRA) 11,25

H9: Ethan Nel (AFS) 13,40, Yoshua Toledo (CHI)11,80, Gaston Rodriguez (URU) 10,85

H10: Adriano Minguta (BRA)11,30, Andre Luis (BRA) 10,50, Jorge Saavedra (PER) 7,55

H11: Diego Berrios (CHI) 14,00, Gustavo Alba (ARG) 12,65, Francirley Ferreira (BRA) 12,10

H12: Israel Eduardo (BRA) 13,15, Goncalo Pereira (POR) 10,30, Pedro Castro (CHI) 9,15

H13: Gabriel Braga (BRA) 10,90, Wilder Schultz (AFS) 10,35, Sebastian Kreft (CHI) 6,40

H14: Jose Lima (BRA)14,40, Gabriel Popo (BRA) 14,25, Felipe Lima (BRA) 9,90

H15: Victor Lagos (CHI) 10,65, Dino Carmo (POR) 10,35, Walter Andrade (BRA) 8,75

H16: Pedro Henrique Souza (BRA) 12,50, Kalani Lattanzi (BRA) 12,25, Tulasi Rodrigues (BRA) 9,75


Men’s Trials – Round 3


H1: Sócrates Santana (BRA) 13,15, João Zik (BRA) 9,90, Andoni Yeregui (EUK) 9,85, Arturo Alejandro (CHI) 6,50

H2: João Paulo (BRA) 16,75, Miguel Rodriguez (PER) 16,35, Guilherme Camara (BRA) 11,90, Daniel Quintana (ESP) 10,30

H3: Tristan Roberts (AFS) 14,90, Adejaldo Silva (BRA) 10,55, Kevin Torres (CHI) 9,50, Andre Bernardo (POR) 5,25

H4: Julien Miremont (FRA) 13,40, Manuel Centeno (POR) 12,90, Rafael Paes (BRA), 12,15, Erik Silvino (BRA) 9,25

H5: Ethan Nel (AFS) 13,10, Goncalo Pinheiro (POR) 11,65, Adriano Minguta (BRA) 11,45, Gustavo Alba (ARG) 5,65

H6: Diego Berrios (CHI) 13,65, Andre Luis (BRA) 11,95, Israel Eduardo (BRA) 10,00, Yoshua Toledo (CHI) 9,50

H7: Gabriel Braga (BRA) 16,10, Kalani Lattanzi (BRA) 13,10, Dino Carmo (POR) 12,80, Jose Lima (BRA) 12,65

H8: Pedro Henrique Sousa (BRA) 10,05, Gabriel Popo (BRA) 9,70, Victor Lagos (CHI) 9,65, Wilder Schultz (AFS) 8,35


Women’s – Round 2


H1: Ayaka Susuki (JAP) 11,40, Anais Velis (CHI) 9,90, Nicole Calheiros (BRA) 7,25, Marta Leitão (POR) 5,75

H2: Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN) 13,25, Tatiana Menezes (BRA) 10,05, Patricia Setubal (BRA), 9,30, Carina Carvalho (POR) 8,05

H3: Isabela Sousa (BRA) 10,65, Teresa Almeida (POR) 10,60, Maria Helena Tostes (BRA) 8,80, Paola Simão (BRA) 5,35

H4: Maira Viana (BRA), 13,40, Sari Ohara (JAP) 12,25, Joana Schenker (POR), 11,75, Neymara Carvalho (BRA) 5,25


Women’s – Round 3


H1: Patricia Setubal (BRA) 8,80, Marta Leitão (POR) 8,75, Nicole Calheiros (BRA) 6,75, Carina Carvalho (POR) 3,00

H2: Maria Helena Tostes (BRA) 11,40, Neymara Carvalho (BRA) 10,75, Joana Schenker (POR) 10,60, Paola Simão (BRA) 5,40


Pro-Junior – Round 1:


H1: Kevin Berrios (CHI), João Victor Pagotto (BRA), Thiago Silva (BRA)

H2: Diego Ramos (BRA), Gabriel Elizeu (BRA), Hernan Ramirez (CHI)

H3: Brandon Leon (CHI), Lucas Santos (BRA), Marcelo Bolados (CHI)

H4: Christian Tapia (CHI), Diego Campos (BRA), Vinicius Teixeira (BRA), Juan Carvajal (CHI)

H5: Cordan Stupp (EUA), Diego Vieira (BRA), Wanderley Junior (BRA), Cristobal Fernandez (CHI)

H6: Igor Matozo (BRA), Leandro Cardozo (ARG), Marcelo Santos (BRA)

H7: Carlos Matheus (BRA), Felipe Cortes (BRA), Igor Costa (BRA), Daniel Dias (BRA)

H8: Ivan Rocha (BRA), Joaquim Zapetel (CHI), Rodrigo Paredes (CHI)


Women’s – Round 4


Q1: Ayaka Susuki (JAP), Tatiane Menezes (BRA), Patricia Setubal (BRA)

Q2: Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN), Anais Velis (CHI), Marta Leitão (POR)

Q3: Isabela Sousa (BRA), Sari Ohara (JAP), Maria Helena Tostes (BRA)

Q4: Maira Viana (BRA), Teresa Almeida (POR), Neymara Carvalho (BRA)

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