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Itacoatiara Beach, Niteroi – RJ BRASIL

Thursday 16th June 2016,

The third stage of the APB World Bodyboarding Tour, the Itacoatiara Pro 2016 began on Thursday (16th June) on the first day of the eleven day waiting period. With good waves in the one metre range, the first day commenced with the Professional Male and Female. Highlights of the day were Adriano Minguta (Brazil), with the largest heat score of the event so far with 17.00 points out of 20.00.


The championship began early at Itacoatiara beach, with sixteen heats of the first round of the Professional Men’s trials hitting the water. In this round, the top two of each four man heat advance into Round two. The Brazilian’s dominated in good numbers to advance to Round two, especially stand-out Adriano Minguta. The Brazilian scored a 9.0 and 8.0, totalling 17.00 points earning him the best score of the event.


The 9.0 of Minguta was only surpassed by a 9.5 score of Tulasi Rodrigues, who also advanced to the next round. Some of the Brazilian’s who advanced on Thursday were: William Camara, John Paul, Adejaldo Silva, Erik Silvino, Cleber Silva, Andre Luis, Israel Eduardo Gabriel Braga, Jose Lima, Felipe Lima, Pedro Henrique Souza and Walter Andrade.


After sixteen heats of  the Men’s trials round one, it was the women who for the first time in the history of Itacoatiara Pro put the rash-vests on and hit the water. The four heats of round one were carried out before the end of the first day of competition at Itacoatiara. Just three months after the birth of her first child, Nicole Calheiros returned to the competition stage and advanced onto Round two.


“This was my first surf in the water since my son was born. I am very happy to have passed my first heat. Obviously, my pace is not the best, but when I learned that the Women’s division would be included in the competition I decided to participate. I do not have high expectations, but i will let it ride out, “quote Nicole.


In addition to Nicole,  Brazilian’s Tatiane Menezes, Patricia Setubal, Maria Helena Tostes, Maira Viana and Paola Simona also advanced. 


Top Women and Men’s qualifiers to debut this Friday:


After the completion of Round one of the two professional categories, we will see the top Women athletes of the world hit the water in the second round with Brazilian Neymara Carvalho (five-times World Champion), Isabela Sousa (three-time World Champion) and Alexandra Rinder, current APB World Champion. Among the men, we will see the current Pro-Junior World Champion, Socrates Santana, local Joao Zik and Kalani Lattanzi, along with International athletes Julian Miremont (FRA), Yoshua Toledo (CHI) – current ISA Games U-18 Champion – and Tristan Roberts (ZAF).


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Men’s Trials – Round 1


H1: Manuel Rocca (ARG) 12,40, Christian Tapia (CHI) 11,40, Diego Barbosa (BRA) 9,00

H2: Andoni Yeregui (EUK) 13,00, Guilherme Camara (BRA) 11,40, Franco Robledo (CHI) 8,00

H3: João Paulo (BRA) 13,25, Daniel Quintana (ESP) 11,90, Hugo Herrera (CHI) 6,50

H4: Arturo Alejandro (CHI) 6,90, Frank Correa (BRA) 5,75

H5: Adejaldo Silva (BRA) 12,90, David Kristiansen (NRW) 10,25, Juan Pablo (CHI) 8,65

H6: Erik Silvino (BRA) 6,50, Kemy Randy (CHI) 0,00

H7: Andre Bernardo (POR) 13,75, Kevin Torres (CHI) 11,65, Daniel Silveira (BRA) 11,25

H8: Cleber Silva (BRA) 10,75, Leonardo Andres (CHI) 8,65, Jose Limery (PRI) 4,15

H9: Ethan Nel (AFS) 12,15, Andre Luis (BRA) 10,15, Marcelo Alejandro (CHI) 5,25

H10: Adriano Minguta (BRA) 17,00, Gaston Rodriguez (URU) 10,50, Omar Rios (CHI) 10,50, Bruno Leitão (POR) 9,50

H11: Gustavo Alba (ARG) 13,50, Pedro Castro (CHI) 11,75, Isaias Ferreira (BRA) 11,15, Guilherme Mesquita (BRA) 9,40

H12: Israel Eduardo (BRA) 13,05, Diego Berrios (CHI) 12,85, Emiliano Nieves (URU) 11,00

H13: Gabriel Braga (BRA) 13,50, Jose Lima (BRA) 11,80, Camilo Gonzales (CHI), Leander Carvalho (BRA) 2,40

H14: Felipe Lima (BRA) 11,90, Wilder Schultz (AFS) 10,15, Sergio Briceno (CHI) 9,25

H15: Victor Lagos (CHI) 15,25, Tulasi Rodrigues (BRA) 13,85, Leonardo Moreira (BRA) 12,75, Junior Souza (BRA) 11,10

H16: Pedro Henrique Souza (BRA) 13,00, Walter Andrade (BRA) 10,40, Lucas Rodrigues (BRA) 8,50, Jose Luis Ugarte (CHI) 8,25



Women’s – Round 1


H1: Nicole Calheiros (BRA) 6,50, Tatiane Menezes (BRA) 6,25, Yumi Vasconcellos (BRA) 6,10, Camila Sampaio (BRA) 3,25

H2: Patricia Setubal (BRA) 11,75, Marta Leitão (POR) 11,25, Gabriela Gouveia (BRA) 6,35

H3: Maria Helena Tostes (BRA) 12,25, Joana Schenker (POR) 10,90, Alexandre Ereiro (BRA) 2,90

H4: Maira Viana (BRA) 10,25, Paola Simão (BRA) 7,75, Paz Soledad (CHI) 6,40, Lorraine Lima (BRA) 5,75


Men’s Trials – Round 2


H1: Socrates Santana (BRA), Manuel Rocca (ARG), Guilherme Camara (BRA)

H2: Miguel Rodriguez (PER), Andoni Yeregui (EUK), Christian Tapia (CHI)

H3: João Zik (BRA), João Paulo (BRA), Frank Correa (BRA)

H4: Jeff Desnoes (FRA), Arturo Alejandro (CHI), Daniel Quintana (ESP)

H5: Manuel Centeno (POR), Adejaldo Silva (BRA), Kemy Randy (CHI)

H6: Tristan Roberts (AFS), Erik Silvino (BRA), David Kristiansen (NRW)

H7: Rafael Paes (BRA), Andre Bernardo (POR), Leonardo Andres (CHI)

H8: Julien Miremont (FRA), Cleber Silva (BRA), Kevin Torres (CHI)

H9: Yoshua Toledo (CHI), Ethan Nel (AFS), Gaston Rodriguez (URU)

H10: Jorge Saavedra (PER), Adriano Minguta (BRA), Andre Luis (BRA)

H11: Francirley Ferreira (BRA), Gustavo Alba (ARG), Diego Berrios (CHI)

H12: Goncalo Pereira (POR), Israel Eduardo (BRA), Pedro Castro (CHI)

H13: Sebastian Kreft (CHI), Gabriel Braga (BRA), Wilder Schultz (AFS)

H14: Gabriel Popo (BRA), Felipe Lima (BRA), Jose Lima (BRA)

H15: Dino Carmo (POR), Victor Lagos (CHI), Walter Andrade (BRA)

H16: Kalani Lattanzi (BRA), Pedro Henrique Souza (BRA), Tulasi Rodrigues (BRA)


Women’s – Round 2


H1: Ayaka Susuki (JAP), Anais Velis (CHI), Nicole Calheiros (BRA), Marta Leitão (POR)

H2: Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN), Carina Carvalho (POR), Patricia Setubal (BRA), Tatiana Menezes (BRA)

H3: Isabela Sousa (BRA), Teresa Almeida (POR), Maria Helena Tostes (BRA), Paola Simão (BRA)

H4: Sari Ohara (JAP), Neymara Carvalho (BRA), Maira Viana (BRA), Joana Schenker (POR)


O APB Itacoatiara Pro 2016 é apresentado por Furnas e um oferecimento da secretaria de Esporte e Lazer de Niterói. Conta com o patrocínio da Toyota SGA e W9.  Co-Patrocínio NET, Cervejaria Noi, Cotton, Diana Fashion e Independent Bodyboards. Apoios: Maria Salada, Way Suplementos, 4 cantos turismo, Restaurante Saboreando, Puro Suco, Fala Bed and Breakfast e Redbull. Colaboradores: André Eventos, Pampo Clube, Oceânica Rent a Car, Itacoatiara garden, Pousada Praia de Itacoatiara, Di Itacoá, Buzunga Guest House, Fisio Freire, Joama Construtora, Ride It, Lanchonete Céu e Mar, Miksi Sushi e TMX gráfica.


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Danilo Caboclo – 48 9177-8099 / 11 9.7667-9636 e 

Itacoatiara Pro 2016 – Photo: Tony D´Andrea/Uma Rosa Filmes

Itacoatiara Pro 2016/Nicole Calheiros – Photo: Tony D´Andrea/Uma Rosa Filmes

Itacoatiara Pro 2016/Adriano Minguta – Photo: Tony D´Andrea/Uma Rosa Filmes

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