Social Projects in Arica Chile

Today some of the top athletes of the world paid a visit to the local school in Arica to conduct motivational talks on life and the sport of Bodyboarding.

Club Budeo and Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival organiser Arturo Soto shared his life story that stems from a poor region and how he escaped the formalities of everyday life with no money or education but found his way from Bodyboarding and built the Budeo Club and is now a motivational speaker for the youth all across Chile and other Nations.

Some of the athletes included Mike Stewart, Pierre Louis Costes, Amaury Lavernhe, Isabela Sousa, Alexandra Rinder, Neymara Carvalho, Luz Marie, Anais Velis & Jeff Desnois who also shared their success stories with the sport.



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  • Fabi

    What a great iniciative ! ??????Sports are a great way for kids to dream and achive a better future. Chile , as a country with the longest shoreline, should have more sea sports programs, more sponcers, and more surfers in the first places of world championchips .
    This is a good way to start.
    My congratulations to Arturo Soto and the organisers.
    Greetings from Chile


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