The APB and the Surfing Viana association held a conference on Tuesday to discuss the sports major topics and award Mike Stewart with a honorary gift from the city hall .

Special guests from the APB and the government municipality were on hand including the Mayor and vice-Mayor of Viana De Castelo, APB Chief Executive – Alex Leon, APB Business Development Manager- Tom Wilson, Tour Manager -Terry McKenna, Surfing Viana President -Joao Zamith, Mike Stewart and Jared Houston who all contributed to the conference.

“Its very healthy for the sport to conduct and partake in seminars or AGM’s constantly to unite everyone globally and move forward with the ever evolving times so our corporate vision is the correct vision for the sport and our global regions develop and grow with us.” – Alex Leon (APB CEO)

Zamith and the Surfing Viana association along with the city municipality have developed and constructed a high performance centre for Bodyboarding in Viana and with over 500 members they are growing exponentially supporting the sport of Bodyboarding in the north of Portugal which is paramount for the sports future growth.

For more info the HPC in Viana visit



Images: Josh Tabone / APB Media

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