September 15 2016

On day three at Sintra, Pierre Louis Costes (France) showed he is here and will not let go of his Sintra Portugal Pro title easily. The frenchman amassed a total of 17,75 in his fourth round heat, the highest combined score of the day, mainly using his trademark backflip for a 8,50 and a 9,25.

He was only surpassed for the best wave of the day by fellow countryman Amaury Lavernhe, who scored a 9,75 on a long right hand barrel that impressed everyone on the beach and elicited some cries for a perfect ten.

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As for PLC, he expects to keep improving his form during the event until the final win:

“In a championship event like this, it’s more important how you finish than how you start. Yesterday I knew I didn’t need to win the heat to keep myself in the race. But after watching the level of the competition, especially Tristan Roberts heat, I knew I had to step it up. And it was easier today, with the waves improving. Let’s see how things evolve until sunday.”

Neymara is forever

In the women’s division, who made their debut today, we have to mention Portugal’s Teresa Almeida and world champions Isabela Sousa and Neymara Carvalho, who seems to be back in force, snatching the victory on the final heat of the day. A honourable mention for portuguese Joana Schenker that made it through her heat in second place in spite of a severe bout of food poisioning that made her go on a exclusive sugared water diet all day long.

DK debut

The first round of the DK went along with no surprises, with the top seed riders still waiting to compete in round two.

All Pics: Joao Araujo

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