September 13, 2016

The Sintra Portugal Pro (13 to 18 September) kicked off today with very difficult conditions for the first rounds of male Open and Projunior, with waves of around two meters pounding the contest site.

Daniel Fonseca, Gonçalo Pinheiro and Simão Monteiro won their heats, going to the second round. Ricardo Rosemary, who last year was one of the sensations of the race, came second a heat marked by the surprise victory of the unknown Senegalese Aymeric Senghor.

Among the Portuguese, the highlight goes to the note penichense Daniel Fonseca. Daniel returned from a season of 7 months in Australia, the Portuguese rider, 21, added the highest total of the day (17.17) and promises to fight to international competition during the next few days.

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Projunior no surprises

In projunior, the main figures passed quietly by eighth of end of the Sintra Portugal Pro, with Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel and Brazilian Socrates Santana and Matheus Bastos to win their heats.

Reference also to the triumphs of the Portuguese Pedro Veigas, Isaac Moreira, André Lopes and Miguel Ferreira, who thus guaranteed presence in the quarterfinals of the competition.

“Seeds” coming tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day some of the most quoted national bodyboarders into action, cases of Hugo Pinheiro, Dino Carmo, Silvano Lourenço and Manuel Centeno. Tó Cardoso, a leading contender Portuguese of today in the “ranking” APB (14th place), only competes from the third round.

Manuel Centeno, the only male athlete to win the Portuguese Sintra Portugal Pro (in 2003), has passed today by the Great Beach to train and proved determined to be able to start a good result.

“My first goal is to qualify me for the third round,” said the nine-time national champion, not inhibiting pointing concrete positions:

“I consider it a 9 in a median position. Everything below that would be a bad result. And of course, I look better than 9th place, ideally to a podium. “

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