Pierre Louis Costes 2016 World Champ

More to come. Pierre Louis Costes has won his second World title after holding out Jeff Hubbard (HAW) in a tense semi final during the Fronton King Please follow and

Amaury Laverhne wins Fonton King 2106

MAIN EVENT Round 4 Elimination Heat 3 Round 4 1. Mitch Rawlins (AUS) 9.93 2. Eder Luciano (BRA )4.43 Heat 4 Round 4 1. Igor Sanchez (CNY) 15.35. 2 Nicolas

Day 9 Fronton King

MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination A slightly smaller swell greeted competitors today with 2m waves and light offshore winds creating some ideal conditions for the worlds best riders. Heat 10

2016 Fronton King Highlights

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Day 8 Fronton King

MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination Day Eight at Fronton saw the biggest waves of the event so far with 6-8 foot bombs detonating on the infamous reef allowing organisers to

2016 World Title Contenders

The World Title Race has come down to 3 contenders – Pierre Louis Costes, Amaury Lavernhe & Jeff Hubbard. At this current stage, Pierre is leading the rankings based off

Day 5 Fronton King

MAIN EVENT Round 2 Elimination Conditions were the same size as yesterday, but with stronger cross shore winds and 1-1.5m waves. The started at 1.30 on mid tide in very

Fronton King Pro Day 5 (Espanól)

Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2016 DÍA 5 COMPETICIÓN Los competidores canarios clasificados para enfrentarse al top mundial. Gran nivel exhibido por los riders isleños en la quinta jornada de

Day 4 Fronton King

MAIN EVENT Round 1 Non- Elimination Conditions were marginally smaller than yesterday , with clean 1-1.5m waves. Organisers waited until the Mid-tide to start the event before putting the event

Day Three Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro

Day Three started at 11.00am at mid-tide with Fronton starting to show its incredible capabilities spitting left and right tube rides Heat One started with a 4 wave set with