The World Title Race has come down to 3 contenders – Pierre Louis Costes, Amaury Lavernhe & Jeff Hubbard. At this current stage, Pierre is leading the rankings based off best 5 results this year. Here are the different title scenarios:

For Amaury to win: He needs to win the event and Pierre must lose in the quarters and Jeff must not better a 4th.

For Jeff to win: He needs to make the final and Pierre to lose in podium final (4th). If Jeff makes the final then Amaury cant win title even if he wins event.

For Pierre to win: He needs to beat Jeff in the semi and he has won the title. Amaury can only meet Pierre in final as he is in top half of draw and will not have enough points to beat pierre if they meet in final.

Call for the potential final day will be at 8:00am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning local time. Swell in the 6-10 ft range



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