MAIN EVENT Round 1 Non- Elimination

Conditions were marginally smaller than yesterday , with clean 1-1.5m waves. Organisers waited until the Mid-tide to start the event before putting the event on hold at full tide for two hours to get the best of the conditions.

Heat 5 Australian Lewy Finnegan put on an outstanding performance and was never headed after his first two rides. Sacha Damjanic (CHI) scored an interference on Davis Blackwell on their opening rides, with a pressured paddle battle. Finnegan extended his lead with a 8.33 mid-way through the heat with a deep tube ride to back flip.

Heat 6 Portuguese rider Dino Carmo dominated the heat with a deep tube to ARS then locked away the heat with a back flip after another tube to have a combined total of 14.83. Local wildcard rider William Lujan 12.57 moved into second defeating Frenchman Maxime Castillo 11.33 and said “I’m just stoked surfing with my hero’s, we love everyone being here at Gran Canaria”

Heat 7 In what was one of the quieter heats of the session Brasilian Eder Luciano scored a 14.2 to defeat Ben Veitch (AUS) 12.6 and Peruvian Miguel Rodriguez 10.26 who move into round two.

Heat 8 Patience and wave selection were not enough for Australian Wild Card Garth McGregor 13.13 to defeat ratings leader and number one seed Iain Campbell 13.54. Local rider Borja Granados was a respectable 3rd with 12.57.

Heat 9 In one of the most exciting heats of the event so far Australian Mitch Rawlins defeated Pierre Louis Costes by 0.06 points. Going into the last 5 minutes Costes needed a 8.33 to take the lead from Rawlins and he got a 8.67 with the backflip of the contest, only to have Rawlins get a 7.6 in the last 30 seconds to regain the lead. Local rider Nester Perez scored a 13.67 to come 3rd.

Heat 10 Dudu Pedra (BRA) had a strong early lead with a 5.0 and a 7.0 until the last 5 minutes when Alan Munoz (CHI) did an almost impossible Back Flip to take an unpassable lead 15.0 to 12.0. Australian Kyle ward came in 3rd with a 9.57.

Heat 11 The old warhorse Mike Stewart (HAW) used all his contest savvy to post two early scores over his younger competitors to easily win the heat. Johnathon Vega(CNY) scored the highest wave of the heat with a 8.17, but could not find another wave to take over Stewart.

Heat 12 Heat 12 saw a lull in the swell but Argentinean Nicolas Chiara took advantage of the situation to bust a big backflip on his second wave to take the lead and not allow Miguel Adao (POR) to get a better wave and win by 0.27.

Heat 13 Portuguese rider Antonio Cardoso’s 7.83 backflip was the difference between the riders in a low scoring heat. Aitor Martin from the Canaries just outscored Nelson Flores with his last wave to get second 9.8 to 9.33.

Heat 14. The waves came back for heat 14 with an epic battle between Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel and South African Tristan Roberts. Roberts held the lead for most of the heat good tube riding and rolls on the right before Tanner got the bomb wave of the set with Priority and went left back-dooring the tube to get an 8.67. Local Guilhermo Cobo came in third.

Heat 15 Hawaiian Dave Hubbard showed his class to win his heat with a 8.5 on his opening ride, never to be passed by the other riders. He comboed both riders with his fourth ride deep left hand barrel the two rolls for a 8.33.Yeray Martinez came back late in the heat to take himself out of combo with a 7.0 point tube ride.

Heat 16 The battle of the heavy weights started as expected with Ryan Hardy (AUS) just out scoring Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 7.5 to 7.17. Not to out done by his more experienced competitors local rider Igor Sanchez scored a 8.83 with his second ride going deep in a tube then coming out with a backflip. The lead kept changing to make the most exciting heat of the day, with Hardy taking the lead again with a 6 before Hubbard got a 7.23 to take the lead again. Igor then came back in the last two minutes to take the lead with a 8.33 to win this epic battle.


MAIN EVENT Round 1 Non- Elimination

Heat 5 Round 1 1. Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 15.33. 2.Davis Blackwell (AUS) 10.66. 3. Sacha Damjanic (CHI)

Heat 6 Round 1 1. Dino Carmo (PRT) 14.83 2. William Lujan (CNY) 3. Maxime Castello (FRA) 11.33

Heat 7 Round 1. 1.Eder Luciano (BRA) 14.2. 2.Ben Veitch (AUS) 12.6. 3.Miguel Rodriguez (PER) 10.26.

Heat 8 Round 1 1.Iain Campbell (ZAF) 13.54. 2.Garth McGregor (AUS) 13.13. 3. Borja Granados (CNY) 12.57.

Heat 9 Round 1 1. Mitch Rawlins (AUS) 15.17. 2.Pierre Louis Coates (FRA) 15.1. 3.Nestor Perez (CNY) 13.67.

Heat 10 Round 1 1.Alan Munoz (CHI) 15.0 2. Dudu Pedra (BRA) 12.0. 3.Kyle Ward (AUS) 9.57.

Heat 11 Round 1 1.Mike Stewart (HAW) 14.76. 2. Johnathon Vega (CNY) 12.34. 3.Marias Dias (CHL) 10.73.

Heat 12 Round 1 1.Nicolas Chiara (ARG) 13.1. 2.Miguel Adao (POR) 12.83. 3.Ardiel Jimenez (CNY) 10.93

Heat 13 Round 1 1.Antinio Cardoso (POR) 12.83. 2.Aitor Martin (CNY) 9.8 3.Nelson Flores (CHL) 9.33.

Heat 14 Round 1 1.Tanner McDaniel (HAW) 16.44. 2.Tristan Roberts (ZAF) 15.23. 3.Guilhermo Cobo (CNY) 12.1.

Heat 15 Round 1 1. David Hubbard (HAW) 16.83. 2.Kevin Orihuela (CNY) 14.17 3.Yeray Martinez (CNY) 13.23.

Heat 16 Round 1 1.Igor Sanchez (CNY) 17.16. 2.Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 15.0. 3.Ryan Hardy (AUS) 14.63.

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