MAIN EVENT Round 2 Elimination

Conditions were the same size as yesterday, but with stronger cross shore winds and 1-1.5m waves. The started at 1.30 on mid tide in very contestable conditions.

Heat 1 Local Rider Yerah Martinez got off to a strong start with a 7.17 tube ride into a Roll, and had three waves on the board before Maxime Castello got off the mark with a 1.67 and he never was able to catch up losing by 2.9 points overall.

Heat 2 Power bodyboarder Dudu Pedra opened with a 6 and 4 and was never headed by local rider Ardiel Jiminez who fought hard to almost get there with a total score of 9.69 to 10.00 points

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Heat 3 There was a better battle in heat three Local Rider Aitor Martin scoring a 1.17 for a deep tube ride with a backflip finish to the screams of his fans in the crowd. Miguel Rodriguez (PER) almost got there on his last wave, when he got a 6.0 and needed a 6.58 to win.

Heat 4 Chilean Matias Dias showed his class over Kyle Ward from Australia getting the highest scoring wave of the heat in the opening 10 seconds with a 7.5. his backdoor tube into a strong backflip was rewarded by the judges. He then got a 7.33on a right hander with an Air and Back Flip to win the heat 14.83 to Wards 9.06, proving he is one of the favourites coming out of round 2.

Heat 5 Canarian Johnathon Vega was a wave magnet to knock out Chilean Nelson Flores 12.73 to 11.67. In what was the upset of the round so far Nelson just could not get into any rhythm and Vega’s local knowledge was just too good.

Heat 6 Guilherme Cobo continued the Canary Island dominance of the second round to knock our Moroccan Brahim Iddouch, in the dying seconds of the heat, to get a day high 7.43 points. Cobo went left and perfectly timed the launch pad to produce a ARS for the score. Brahim was very disappointed going down by 0.87, but produced the most exciting matchup of the round so far. 14.1 to 13.23

Heat 7 Daniel Quintana (CNY) caused the upset of the round defeating Ryan Hardy (AUS) 10.6 to 9.77 as the conditions really lulled in heat seven forcing organisers to put the event on hold until after the high tide.

Heat 8

Heat 9

Heat 10

Heat 11

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Heat 13

Heat 14.

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Heat 16


MAIN EVENT Round 2 Non Elimination
Heat 1 Round 2 1.Yerah Martinez (CNY) 13.9. 2.Maxime Castello (FRA) 11.0
Heat 2 Round 2 1.Dudu Pedra (BRA) 10.0. 2.Ardiel Jimenez (CNY)9.6
Heat 3 Round 2. 1. Aitor Martin (CNY) 11.67. 2.Miguel Rodriguez (PER) 11.1
Heat 4 Round 2 1. Matias Dias (CHI) 14.83 2.Kyle Ward (AUS) 9.06
Heat 5 Round 2 1. Johnathon Vega (CNY) 12.73. 2.Nelson Flores (CHI) 11.67
Heat 6 Round 2 1. Brahim Iddouch (MOR)13.23. 2.Guilherme Cobo (CNY) 14.1
Heat 7 Round 2. 1.Daniel Quintana (CNY) 10.6. 2.Ryan Hardy (AUS) 9.77
Heat 8 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 9 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 10 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 11 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 12 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 13 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 14 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 15 Round 2 1.2.
Heat 16 Round 2 1.2.

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