MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination

Day Eight at Fronton saw the biggest waves of the event so far with 6-8 foot bombs detonating on the infamous reef allowing organisers to get 5 heats in the morning before the tide dropped too low.

Heat 16: The final heat got underway just after light, with world title contender Alex Uranga of the Basque country getting off to a great start with a tube to roll combo for a 7.33 before local Canarian Miguel Marcias got the deepest tube of the day with a roll to finish to score a 8.67. Uranga hit back with another 7.33 but Marcias could only manage a 4.33 before time ran out in the heat.

Heat 1 . Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion) started the third a little wary with a 4.33 and a 5.33 to take a slender lead over Johnathon Vega (Canary) before a bomb set came through and Amaury got a deep tube came out and went in again for a second one to score a 9 then followed that up with a 5.47 to eliminate Vega.

Heat 2 Antonio Cardoso (Portugal)got off to a great start with a 6.33 and amazing 8.33 tube ride, before legend and 9-time world champ Mike Stewart (Hawaii) locked in a 7.17 and 7.77 tube rides with strong rolls at the end. Mike then used Priority to his advantage to starve Cardoso for waves before getting the final tube of the heat (6.67) with 1 minute to go to move into the 4th round. On the way Mike was lucky to not be injured as he got bounced on the rocks while climbing up the keyhole

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Heat 3 Heat three saw big wave chargers Jacob Romero (Hawaii) and Dino Carmo (Portugal) matched up. Romero got a good wave but it closed out and that left Carmo with priority, a set wave came through and Carmo went and the beast of a wave closed out and Carmo was slammed on the reef severely bruising his cheek. Dino was taken by the Jet ski and then by ambulance to the hospital where he underwent some test and was ok, but held for observation.

Heat 4. The final heat of the morning session was between Alex Uranga (Basque) Canarian Guilherme Cobo proved to a very tight affair, with Cobo getting a 7.5 tube ride in his opening ride to take the lead for most of the heat before Uranga came back with a 6.83 and 5.17 to snatch back front position by 0.17. In the last 5 minutes Cobo could only find a 3.8

The event was put on hold as the tide drained out and everyone waited for 5 hours as the swell built and built with 3m sets coming through over 0.5m of water, the organisers called a safety meeting and strategies were put in place before the riders palled out. As the news got out of the huge swell thousands of people gathered on the hill for the final session of the day.

Heat 5. This was the hardest heat of the afternoon session, as the tide hadn’t fully turned. The scores did not fully reflect the bravery of both of the riders as I took some of the heaviest drops of the afternoon only to land at the bottom of tubes as the water drain out. Eder Luciano (Brasil), must’ve been nervous before the heat as he was up against one of the meanest tube riders on the APB tour in the form of Garth McGregor from Newcastle Australia. It was amazing neither one of them had to be rescued. In the end Eder was victorious over Garth 6.23 to 4.43 & as a reflection of the heavy conditions, none of their rides were completed.

Heat 6. Then came heat six with more water spilling over the reef and Matias Dias (Chile) did not expect Mitchell Rawlins (Australia) to do would he did. On his first wave Rawlins took a massive drop for a little cover-up and scored a 5.67. Then as a monster right came through the line-up, he did what many people could not possibly imagine, dropping into the heavy slab & getting spat out of the tube and then doing a huge barrel roll for an 8.83 average. Matias had no chance from their and really felt overwhelmed to lose 14.5 to 5.8 points.

Heat 7. Then came heat 7 where Argentinian Nicolas Chiara got the whole crowd of up to 3000 people on the Hill absolutely screaming when he dropped into a bomb set to score the first perfect 10 of the event. Sacha Damjanic did his best in the conditions that went down 15.17 to 9.17 points.

Heat 8. Then came one of the most exciting heats of the event, with Ian Campbell from South Africa having his world title contention on the line, to Canary Island rider Igor Sanchez. Campbell was leading from most of the heat until Sanchez dropped into this heavy right hand tube and popped out amongst speeding phone to score 7.33 and destroyed Campbell’s world title hopes.

Heat 9. The final head of the day saw Pierre Louis Costes (France)all but sew up the world title, with only Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion) and Alex Urunga (Basque) having a mathematical chance to win the world title if he fails in the next round. Many people thought the Costes should have scored a perfect 10 for deep Tube ride into a massive role that scored an 9.83 then he followed that up with an 8.5 and left Canarian and Eduardo Rodriguez combo for the rest of the hate



MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination

Heat 16 Round 2. 1. Alex Uranga (BSQ) 145.66. 2.Miguel Marcias (CNY) 13.0
Heat 1 Round 3 1.Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 14.47. 2. Johnathon Vega (CNY) 9.9
Heat 2 Round 3 1.Mike Stewart (USA) 14.94. 2.Antonio Cardoso (POR) 14.66
Heat 3 Round 3 1.Jacob Romero (USA) 12.17. 2.Dino Carmo (POR) 2.1
Heat 4 Round 3 1. Alex Uranga (BSQ) 12.0. 2.Guilherme Cobo (CNY) 11.83
Heat 5 Round 3 1.Eder Luciano (BRA) 6.23 2. Garth McGregor (AUS) 4.43
Heat 6 Round 3 1.Mitch Rawlins (AUS) 14.5. 2.Matias Dias (CHI) 5.8
Heat 7 Round 3 1. Nicholas Chiara (ARG) 15.17. 2.Sacha Damjanic (CHI) 9.17
Heat 8 Round 3 1. Igor Sanchez (CNY) 12.83. 2. Iain Campbell (ZAF) 10.73
Heat 9 Round 3 1. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 18.33. 2. Eduardo Rodriguez (CNY) 9.4

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