MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination

A slightly smaller swell greeted competitors today with 2m waves and light offshore winds creating some ideal conditions for the worlds best riders.

Heat 10 The opening heat of the day saw local Diego Cabrera totally dominate his Australian rival Lewy Finnegan. Starting just after first light Cabrera powered into some early tubes before getting a deep bomb that netted him a 9.33 then backed that up with a 8.33. Finnegan only got going late in the heat with some of his trademark backflips, but fell short by 4.76 points.

Heat 11 Young Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel was on a mission after losing the World Pro Jnr title to Socrates Santana (Brasil) in Nazarè. He hit out with a 7.17 and 6.33 to take control of the heat over Daniel Quintana from The Canaries, with some polished tube riding. Quintana’s 6.87 late in the heat was not enough to claw back the lead and lost by 1.13 points.

Heat 12 West Australian Davis Blackwell took the early lead with a 4.83 and a 5.0 getting a couple of tubes and rolls on a few clean smaller ones. But Chilean Alan Munoz gradually his way back into the heat with better wave selection and power moves to eventually take the lead on his last wave to win convincingly by 3.5 points.

Heat 13 Air master David Hubbard (Hawaii) was not up to his usual standard and allowed Aitor Martin to take a lead with some deep tube riding, late in the heat coming out from a long tube he found a launch pad and popped a big air to get a 7.67 and scrape through by 0.27.

Heat 14 The Brazilian daily double saw Uri Valadao and big wave specialist Dudu Pedra matched up. Valadaõ got off to a great start with a 8.0 and a 7.17 to put pressure on Pedra, but not to be out done he lined up the biggest wave of the morning dropped out of the sky, bounced losing speed and was engulfed by the monster and taking one of the heaviest wipe outs of the event.

Heat 15 Saw South African giant killer Tristan Roberts get lots of waves early securing a 7.83 and 8.27 to have a commanding early lead. But Miguel Adao from Portugal never gave up and needing a 9.33 on his last ride dropped into a 2m bomb disappeared a long way back only to come out with the spit and score a 9.5 across the board from the judges to win by a sole destroying 0.13 for Tristan.

Heat 16 Jeff Hubbard is a polished competitor and is why is in contention for the World Title. Getting deep tubes and airs including a back flip to post a 15.17 total. He left Yeray Martinez out classed and languishing with a 2.33 and 3 they he collected from closeout’s. Hubb now moves into the 4th round where is matched up with Portuguese rider Miguel Adao.

MAIN EVENT Round 4 Elimination

Heat 1 Organisers went straight into the fourth round as the waves were still pumping. Heat 1 was a battle of the world champs with Mike Stewart (Hawaii) and Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion) going at it. Lavernhe in typical style got off to a great start with a 8.17 start with a tube Back flip then the tube master Stewart got a long left for a 6.93. Lavernhe backed up his first ride with a 7.27 and Mike just could not find the waves with Lavernhe using his priority to block him.

Heat 2 Jacob Romero (Hawaii) got off to a solid start with a 6.17 and 6.9 before Alex Urunga Basque) got a 8.17, then Romero came back with a 7.4 making this one of the most exciting heats of the day. Alex tried but he could not improve on his 5.17 second getting a few closeout tube ride. Then finally in the dying minutes Romero got a 7.0 to win the heat by 1.04.

Event organisers then had to put the event on hols as the tide drained out and was simply too shallow.



MAIN EVENT Round 3 Elimination

Heat 10 Round 3 1.Diego Cabrera (CNY) 17.66. 2. Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 12.9
Heat 11 Round 3 1.Tanner McDaniel (HAW) 13.5. 2.Daniel Quintana (CNY) 12.37
Heat 12 Round 3 1. Alan Munoz (CHI) 13.33. 2. Davis Blackwell (AUS) 9.83.
Heat 13 Round 3 1. Dave Hubbard (HAW( 13.67. 2. Aitor Martin (CNY 13.4
Heat 14 Round 3 1. Uri Valadao (BRA) 15.17. 2. Dudu Pedra (BRA) 11.17
Heat 15 Round 3 1.Miguel Adao (POR) 16.23. 2.Tristan Roberts (ZAF) 16.1
Heat 16 Round 3 1.Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 15.17. 2.Yery Martinez (CNY) 5.33

MAIN EVENT Round 4 Elimination

Heat 1 Round 4 1.Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 2. Mike Stewart (HAW) 13.1
Heat 2 Round 4 1. Jacob Romero (HAW) 14.4. 2. Alex Uranga (BSQ) 13.34
Heat 3 Round 4 1. 2.
Heat 4 Round 4 1. 2.
Heat 5 Round 4 1. 2.
Heat 6 Round 4 1. 2.
Heat 7 Round 4 1. 2.
Heat 8 Round 4 1. 2.

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