Day Three started at 11.00am at mid-tide with Fronton starting to show its incredible capabilities spitting left and right tube rides

Heat One started with a 4 wave set with Kyle Ward (AUS) getting the best of everyone with an 8.0 to Tahurai Henry’s 6.17 and was never headed all heat. Second place came down to a battle between Igor Sanchez (ESP) and Oliver Herrera (ESP) with Sanchez taking it out 11.27 to 10.83.

Heat Two saw spaniard Miguel Macias, come from last place in the last ten minutes to win the heat with a 8.33 and 5.07 over Tahitian Manea Fabisch who had some solid tube rides.

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Heat Three had the wave just kept getting better and better with a literal deep tube fest. Nestor Perez was the King of tube riding with a 14.3 combined score to win from

Heat 4 Careful wave selection by Australian Jake Metcalfe led to his victory is the highest scoring heat of round three so far. Metcalfe disappeared deep inside a six-foot barrel and emerged in the middle of the heavy spitting tube to get an 8.17 for the ride and a heat total of 14.67. Spaniard Carlos Suarez was a close second with a 14.5

Heat 5
Local boy Yeray Martinez had a strong display over Eduardo Rodriguez (ESP) with deep tube riding to score a heat high 8.5 wave to beat him 15.83 to 14.14

Heat 6
Waves were a little hard to get in heat six with Pedro Correia (PRT) 10.9 beating Sergio Quevedo (ESP) 10.5 and Abner de Arce (PRI) 9.8 in a very tight contest, with Pedro’s ARS on his last wave being the difference.

Heat 7
Frenchman Maxime Ausine was dominant in heat 7 with a early tube ride to take it out from Borja Granados (ESP) 13.33 to 12.67.

Heat 8
West Australian Ben Veitch 11.53 was dominant in another tight heat with a deep tube and barrel roll to complete his best wave to defeat South African Wilder Schultz 11.5 and local Aitor Ojeda 10.6.

Round 4 – 1st and 2nd to Main Event.

Heat 1
Miguel Macias (CNY) 13.17 turned up the gas to easily defeat Kyle Ward (AUS) 8.83 and Pedro Tartak (PRI) 7.63 with an amazing back flip on his last wave.

Heat 2
Igor Sanchez (CNY) 11.33 took out heat 2 of round 4 with only 1.33 separating 1st to 4th. Nestor Perez (CNY) 10.83 narrowly progressed after Jake Metcalfe 10.76, who was needing a 5.41 could only manage a 5.33 from a tube ride caught in the last 15 seconds of the heat.

Heat 3
Yeray Martinez (CNY) 14.34 was dominant to make the main event when the conditions picked up on the low to mid tide. Borja Granados (CNY) 10.17 joining his fellow Canarian with a last small tube of 4.67 to get a heat total of 10.17.

Heat 4
West Australian Ben Veitch 12.24 wanted make up for his disappointing finish in Nazare to make the Main Event coming second to another strong performance from Eduardo Rodriguez (CNY) 13.66.

MAIN EVENT Round 1 Non- Elimination

Heat 1
Things really hotted up as Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 15,93 won his way through to round three with a win over local Daniel Quintana 14.6 and Miguel Macias (CNY) 13.0. Lavernhe’s tube ride scored an 8.1, and had the crowd screaming when he disappeared deep behind the curtain before coming out when the wave exploded

Heat 2
Alex Uranga (BSQ) 15.1 had a strangle hold on the heat before Eduardo Rodriguez 15.84 scored a double tube right hander on his second ride. The canary Island local competed in three heats during the day and was totally exhausted, but elated with his victory over one of his hero’s.

Heat 3
Brasilian Uri Valadao 16.0 put on power display as Fronton started sucking dry on the reef. Always a powerhouse in any conditions he showed his class progressing through to the third round over Diego Cabrera (CNY) 15.9, who was unlucky not to win with a 9.0 point ride on his opening wave and only 0.1 behind.

Heat 4
Brahim Iddouch (MOR) 15,42 and Jacob Romero put on the best show of the day to finish off proceedings, Brahim was winning the heat from the start until Romero’s last two waves when he scored 8.83 and 8.17 – the last wave Jacob did a backflip over dry reef and had the crowd on their feet and registered the highest combined score of the day a 17.00.

Tomorrow we will resume with Round 1 heats and expect to start after 10am when the tide fills in over the reef.


Heat 1 Round 3 1 Kyle Ward (AUS) 13.1. 2.Jgor Sanchez (ESP) 11.27. 3.Olivera Herrera (ESP) 10.83 4. Tahurai Henry (PYF) 10.7.

Heat 2 Round 3 1 Miguel Macias (ESP).13.4. 2.Manea Fabisch (TAH) 10.76 3. Inaki Eguzkiazaga (ESP) 10.26 4. Jeremy Loefstok (ABW) 8.84

Heat 3 Round 3 1.Nester Perez (CNY). 14.3. 2. Pedro Tarak (PRI) 13.9 3.Cristian Tapia (CHL) 12.77 4. Adrian Suarez (CNY) 8.76

Heat 4 Round 3 1. Jake Metcalfe (AUS) 14.67. 2.Carlos Sanz (ESP) 14.5 3. Victor Lopez (CHL) 13.77 4. Lucas Yafar (ESP) 10.73.

Heat 5 Round 3 1.Yeray Martinez (CNY) 15.83. 2.Eduardo Rodriguez (ESP) 14.14
3. Angelo Freda (VEN) 11.6 4. Carmelo Romero (CNY) 9.5

Heat 6 Round 3 1.Pedro Correia (PRT) 10.9. 2.Sergio Quevedo (CNY) 10.5 3. Abner De Arce (PRI) 9.8. 4. Paul Lecouey (CNY) 6.43.

Heat 7 Round 3 1.Maxime Ausina (FRA)13.33. 2.Borja Granados (CNY) 12,67
3. Victor Cavero (CNY) 9.1. 4. Gadiel Rodriguez (PRI) 8.13.

Heat 8 Round 3 1.Ben Veitch (AUS) 11.53. 2. Wilder Schultz (ZAF) 11.5 3. Aitor Ojeda (CNY) 10.6. 4. Raul Mendoza (ESP) 8.54.

Heat 1 Round 4 1.Miguel Macias (ESP) 13.17. 2.Kyle Ward (AUS) 8.83. 3.Pedro Tartak (PRI) 7.63. 4. Carlos Sanz (CNY) 6.24.

Heat 2 Round 4 1.Igor Sanchez (ESP) 11.33. 2.Nestor Perez (CNY) 10.83 3.Jake Metcalfe (AUS) 10.76. 4. Manea Fabisch 10.00.

Heat 3 Round 4 1. Yeray Martinez (CNY) 14.34. 2. Borja Granados (ESP) 10.17 3.Perdo Correia (PRT) 4. Wilder Schultz (ZAF) 7.6
Heat 4 Round 4 1. Eduardo Rodriguez. (ESP) 13.66 2. Ben Veitch (AUS) 3. Sergio Quevedo (ESP) 11.73. 4. Maxime Ausina (FRA) 6.9

MAIN EVENT Round 1 Non- Elimination

Heat 1 Round 1 1. Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 15.93. 2. Daniel Quintana (CNY) 14.6.
3 Miguel Macias (CNY)13.00

Heat 2 Round 1 1. Eduardo Rodriguez. (ESP) 15.84 2.Alex Uranga (BSQ) 15.1. 3. Goncalo Pinheiro (POR) 13.37.
Heat 3 Round 1. 1. Uri Valadao (BRA) 16.0. 2. Diego Cabrera (CNY) 15.9. 3. Dailos Rodriguez (CNY) 11.97

Heat 4 Round 1 1. Jacob Romero (HAW) 17.00. 2. Brahim Iddouch (MOR) 15.43
3. Alejandro Barbosa (CNY) 11.04

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