Amazing small 3-4 feet  waves greeted the riders in the remaining five heats of Round two of the Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro Trials.

The opening heat of the day was a battle between Carlos Sanz (ESP) and Adrian Suarez (ESP) with Suarez leading for most of heat with a couple of back flips before Suarez got a deep barrel to roll at the end of the wave to take the lead in the last minute. 14.9 to 12.7

Eduardo Rodriguez (ESP) dominated heat 5 with an ARS to score an 8.00 on the first wave of the Heat then a deep tube ride to score a 9.00 and was never passed. The battle came down to Paul Lecouey (ESP) and Carlos Santana (ESP) for second place with Lecouey narrowly taking second and moving through into Round three – 13.43 to 13.

Heat 6 was a wave starved contest with Sergio Quevedo (ESP) taking it out with 11.17  from local rider Carmelo Romero (CNY) 10.00 points

Heat 7 Some more swell came and Borja Granados totally dominated the heat with a deep spitting tube ride and a roll to finish with a 8.17, combined with his opening 5.17 he comboed the field. Raul Mendoza finished with a 5.33 to scrape into second with a 9.66 total.

In heat 8 with the tide getting higher waves again were hard to find but Aitor Ojeda (ESP) was able to get an ARS on his second last wave to take the heat over fellow Spaniard Victor Cavero 10.66 to 9.57.

With the high tide and onshore waves, officials decided to call off the day and resume tomorrow morning at 8.30 with  round 3 of the Trials. Swell predictions are looking good for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday so let’s hope Fronton comes alive for the start of the Men’s Main Event.


Heat 4 Round 2        

  1. Carlos Sanz (ESP) 14.9.
  2. Adrian Suarez (CNY)
  3. Eduardo Ramirez (ESP) 12.17
  4. Ruben Redondo (CNY) 4.17.


Heat 5 Round 2        

  1. Eduardo Rodriguez (ESP) 17.00.
  2. Paul Lecouey (ESP) 13.43  
  3. Carlos Santana (ESP) 13.00
  4. Adrian Hernandez (ESP) 11.04.


Heat 6 Round 2        

  1. Sergio Quevedo (ESP) 11.17.
  2. Carmelo Romero (CNY) 10.00.
  3. Jorge Naberan (ESP) 8.86.
  4. Abian Perdomo (ESP) 8.77


Heat 7 Round 2        

  1. Borja Granados (ESP) 13.34.
  2. Raul Mendoza (ESP) 9.66
  3. Gorka Lasa (ESP)
  4. Ruel Justina (ESP) 5.17 (ABW)


Heat 8 Round 2        

  1. Aitor Ojeda (ESP) 10.66.
  2. Victor Cavero (ESP) 9.57
  3. Antonio Prado (CNY) 6.06.
  4. Javier Romero (ESP) 4.67.


Trials Round 3 Draw


Images: Jesus De Leon, Secret Points

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