Day 1 at the Nazaré Pro 2016

 The first day of the 2016 Nazarè Pro got underway in small clean waves at Praia do Norte today as the women’s division opened up proceedings followed by around 40 trialists who wrestled their way through some gruelling heats to join the worlds best in the Grand Slam main event.

 In the opening rounds of the women’s division its was only a small but high quality field of riders that signed up to take on the heaving wedges of Praia do Norte, and after the dust settled the quarter finals look like this.


 1: Joana Schenker  POR    V          Luz Marie Grand      PRC

 2: Isabela Sousa      BRA    V          Teresa Almeida       POR

 3: Sari Ohhara          JPN     V          Alexandra Rinder    CRY

 4: Neymara Carvalho BRA       V      Ayaka Suzuki            JPN



Women’s draw

Some absorbing battles were fought today but only 8 spots were available. The trials were surfed down to the ¼ finals & the top 8 riders to make the cut included:


William Lourenco     POR                (1st with 17 points)

Anas Haddar            MOR               (1st with 14.8 points)

Julien Miremont       FRA                (1st with 12 points)

Eric Gamez               MOR               (1st with 10.25 points)

Cristian Perez           ESP                 (2nd with 13.5 points)

Martin Mouradian    GUA               (2nd with 13.25 points)

Andre Bernardo       POR                (2nd with 9.5 points)

Nicolas Rosner        GER                (2nd with 8.5 points)


Mens draw

The size started to kick during the last few heats today as a maxi swell rolls towards Nazaré.

Some reports are calling the swell “possibly too big” for the contest tomorrow, but either way the APB Grand Slam in Nazaré will be ensured of loads of action for the next few days as the worlds best go at it.


Tune in for the morning show with Manny Vargas & the call team from 7.30 local time to see what unfolds.

Watch it live   

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