Dominican Republic Status

Dominican Republic Status

APB Official Statement regarding the PROWAVE BODYBOARD Internacional Nagua Dominican Republic Event

By APB Chief Executive Officer – Alex Leon

Tuesday 8th November

To the Bodyboarding community, athletes and fans of the APB.

The recent events that have occurred in the Dominican Republic over the weekend were not associated with the APB. The event was not sanctioned by the APB and therefore the APB had no involvement of this event.

The APB was in discussion with the event promoter leading up to the event regarding sanctioning regulations. The event promoter was unable to meet the APB sanctioning requirements therefore the APB had no other option but to withdraw from any potential involvement of the PROWAVE BODYBOARD Internacional Nagua in Replubica Dominicana on the 4th,5th & 6th November.

The APB has a strict policy when working with current and new event promoters and new events. These policies are in place for event promoters seeking sanctioning to work closely with the governing body and meet all sanction guidelines. The APB brand logo was used in the marketing/promotion of this event without APB consent and the APB will seek legal action over this issue.

The APB will continue to support Bodyboarding in the Dominican Republic and further develop the sport in the Caribbean and Central American region as part of the global development planning of the sport. The APB considers DR, PR, Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean as a very vital region for Bodyboarding and we hope the local riders & commnuity can move past this negativity and move forward united with great ambassadors inside the sport so a positive and healthy sport can flourish in the Dominican Republic in future years.

It is with great sadness and dissapointment that the competitors & officials did not receive the prize money and payments from the event. On behalf of the APB, our wishes are for the best outcome for the people involved in the event in the coming days and hope the athletes and officials are remunerated for their dedication and service.


Yours Sincerely


Alex Leon

Chief Executive Officer

APB World Tour LTD

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  1. dk
    November 08, 16:46 Reply

    Alex dude you are the best my boy do and givethe best for this tourmanent and saddly this fat f@$& take the money away thanks for the suport and body4life

  2. Guibia Local Rider
    November 09, 10:53 Reply

    Dear Alex Leon and all the APB Staff:

    Thanks a lot for your thoughtful words towards the Dominican people and Dominican riders, of course. We are very sorry and ashamed in regards to this subject. This repudiated, not approved and rejected negative action, does not represents the customs and values of the Dominican people involved in the Bodyboarding industry here, nor the Dominican people in general.

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