The Association of Professional Bodyboarders have launches the new media hub last night – www.apbtour.tv

The APB TV platform will host a range of content from around the world including the Epicentre/APB TV series which will features 6 episodes of the major Grandslams and the OpenLive Shark Island Challenge as the first episode to air following in debut on Fox Sports 1 last week.

Epicentre/APB TV Series

Episode 2: Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro / SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge

Episode 3: Itacoatiara Pro Brazil

Episode 4: Arica Chilean Challenge

Episode 5: Nazaré Pro

Episode 6: Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro.

Additional channels to the APB-TV platform will be the “Grass Roots” channel which will host an array of video highlights of some the global Bodyboard Clubs and State/National level events as we strongly believe in supporting the future development of our sport.


  • APB Tour Channel


  • Grass Roots


  • Womens Channel
  • DK Channel
  • Pro Junior Channel
  • User Submission Channel


User Submission Channel

Here at the APB, we believe strongly in exposing young talents that may not have  the chance to be recognized in the public eye so we have designed a channel to target that exact demographic. The User Submission channel is an easy to use engagement section where all you need is a camera to capture your skills and short edit of your best waves together and upload. Once the video is uploaded it will be viewed by our professional panel and then once approved it will be upload online for the world to see. There will be monthly competitions and potential sponsorships to be win through this channel and who know, we could find the next future World Champion.  

Want your video seen by hundred’s of thousands of Bodyboarder’s from all over the world? Submit your best clips and if they make it past our panel they will be added to the largest Bodyboard media site online – the best of the best will get a run on our facebook and social media too!


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  1. Henrique
    December 05, 18:59 Reply

    What a great idea!
    I’m from Bahia – Brazil – land of world champion Uri Valadão.
    We produce a lot here, a display platform is going to be too good for us.
    Besides, we’ll be able to see what they’re doing around the world.
    How angry!

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