5 long months have passed since 2015 APB World Champion Jared Houston suffered a violent dislocation of his left shoulder, whilst warming up for the Nazare Pro at Praia Do Norte, Portugal. The initial injury forced the defending Event and World Champion to withdraw from competition for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Upon further examination once back on his adopted island home of Puerto Rico, serious damage to the Labrum as well as the Proximal Humerus was discovered and Jared opted to undergo reconstructive surgery with top Orthopedic Surgeon, Gerardo Perez-Roman.

Photo Ruben “ Babby “ Quinones

“ Dr Perez-Roman performed a similar procedure on a good friend of mine, top Puerto Rican Pro-Surfer Carlos Cabrero years back with much success, so it was an easy choice to make. He was the man for the job.” Asserts Jared.


Houston underwent successful surgery on November 4th, 2016, followed by a full month of rest, shoulder immobilization and next to no activity.


“ That first month was rough. I had to wear this abductor pillow 24/7, which kept my arm and shoulder in the most optimal healing position. I couldn’t walk too fast, pick up my daughter or even properly wash myself. I learnt a lot about patience and relying on others, my wife, mother and mother-in-law were amazing.” Houston recounts.


Once cleared to begin the rehabilitation stage of recovery, Dr. Perez-Roman referred Jared to the Physio Therapy team at Hospital Auxilio Mutuo in San Juan, Puerto Rico and specifically paired him up with Grenel Quinones, a physio therapist and trainer who himself is a keen athlete.

Photo Ruben “ Babby “ Quinones

“Grenel is the man. He and I hit it off right from the very beginning. I remember calling him up, a week after starting physio and basically telling him that I wanted him to push me as hard as he could within the boundaries of what was safe, that I could handle it and that I wanted nothing more than to return to the top of the sport. He was tripping but agreed, and I couldn’t have got here without his help and guidance.” Affirms Jared regarding his Physio Therapist, now turned friend and Trainer.


Now, just 4 months post-surgery, Houston has regained sufficient range of motion and strength to re-enter the water, and begin to take the steps required in order to return to the top of the sport he loves so much.


“It’s surreal (being back in the water). The first day was crazy, I was just looking around, at my board at, at my feet, at my shoulder, just taking it all in. I really want to thank my sponsors, especially VS who even though they weren’t contractually obligated pay me while I couldn’t surf, continued to do so anyway. This is the kind of support that money cant buy, and that you really don’t come to expect in todays world. Those guys, along with my other sponsors, Emerald, Reeflex and Vulcan really took a stand to support one of their riders in a difficult time, and I want people to know that. That’s gotta count for something. “


Houston has since signed up with the progressive “Workout fitness and Health Centre” in San Juan to continue working with the health and fitness team which has been so paramount to his recovery while he pursues a second world title in 2017. We at the APB would like to congratulate Jared on his recovery, and we looking forward to welcoming him back on tour in Tahiti, at the Teahupoo Challenge in April 2017.

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